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Nazi-like Narrative

Dr. Déjà Vu Will we wake up once we are plucked clean? (See image info below footnotes*) For something labelled “Never Again” it’s astounding to see its likeness rise, within one lifetime, from an alleged grave, to being as full-fleshed and psychopathic as ever. With our ubiquitous facial recognition, should our “experts” not be able to spot …

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Follow the Ownership | Know the Control

It’s past time to see, hear, and acknowledge our place as servitors and acquiescing beneficiaries to abusing powers in this time of escalating crimes against humanity — and to realize that the corporatized benefits are coming to an end. The question? Do we have the strength to abandon the monopolies and restructure against power abuse …

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“Manufacturing Psychosis”

[A 2020s Agenda] If one wants to understand the rapidly, unfolding script that is manufacturing a mass psychosis, this short video reveals it as it tragically is: The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis – Can Sanity Return to an Insane World? (Academy of Ideas | April 24, 2021 | 16:31 min.) at Also at …

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Crimes Against Humanity, Again

Notice of Liability and Vulnerability to: ● “elites” (aka order-followers of secret combinations that have existed throughout the ages of man1 to pursue and protect power, gain, glory, and domination); ● narrative-bound doctors, police, public health officials, elected officials, “civil” servants, naïve believers, et al. You may think you have no choice but to cooperate. …

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Death of Science. Tyranny of Pscience.

(A barrage of hypocrisy.) With all the censorship and maligning of counter-narrative voices, with the threats and revoking of medical licenses for challenging “authority,” with the daily, script-reading regurgitations by bought-and-paid-for MSM, with the numerous naïve believers and order-followers of the powers, science is being buried under a barrage of hypocrisy. The powers demand that …

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