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Conspiracies of Control?

As we: ▪ look at our world through the eyes of millions of witnesses testifying via the internet about the crimes and corruptions that are disrupting and destroying life on a scale we could never imagine without those proliferating witnesses;1 ▪ listen to PWOCs (Person/People WithOut Conscience) desperately trying to deny and cover-up their “secret …

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Placebo   “– a fake treatment [using] an inactive substance like sugar, distilled water, or saline solution –”1   — “1 a pill, etc., containing no active substance, given to satisfy a patient or to serve as a control in an experiment … 2 something said only to flatter or mollify.”2 Considering the recent sugar fraud,3 should we …

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Promises, Promises

By lavish self-presentation, BK is a b-b[1] oilman; though by comparison to the BM-types[2], BK is of the bottom-rung variety. He began a dream-project—a massive, corporate retreat for b-b comrades who were said to crave a western, cowboy experience on a big ranch. BK bought sections of land on a river; fenced it with miles …

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Sticky Notes for Politicians*

*(et us all) Collateral damage is not collateral to those who are damaged. Stop sound-biting. Fact check talking points. End the free-market charades. Reflective is better than reflexive. Listening is more efficiently effective than talking. Ask not what your enemies are doing to you, but what you are doing to yourself. Remember the Pharisees.