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Connecting the Dots ~ Exposing the Cons?

When media is in the ownership and control of those pursuing and protecting power and gain, what is the likelihood of truth being disseminated to the masses?

Does it matter whether the pursuer / protector is black or white? brown or beige? young or old? able or disabled? politically right or left? human or AI?

If your raison d’être were to increase power and gain, would you allow your owned and controlled media empire to spread the truth about your hidden agendas? your secret deals? your moral failings? Would you want anyone connecting the dots of your cons as you competed for the resources of the world? for the supreme position of all positions — #1?

Or maybe you fell for a “honey-pot” / “brown-stone” op and found yourself compromised such that your power and gain status was at risk of exposure and collapse? What would you not do to keep the truth under wraps? to keep the income coming in? Would you lie? steal? cheat? oppress? kill? Would you seek to compromise and blackmail others so they, too, would be “in control”? Would you falsely accuse whistle-blowers of the very crimes they seek to expose? Would you come to take pleasure in the success of your duplicities? Would you become addicted to the highs of deceiving the “low brows”? Would you revel in the deliberate, increasing incongruities you were able to get away with? in the fabrications that you were able to force others to advance for the sake of their paychecks and pensions?

So if media is owned and controlled by power- and gain-brokers, what is the chance for truth? What is the historical, déjà vu “pattern and practice”? to accuse upstart, non-conforming investigative journalists of fictional sins and crimes? — just like whistle-blowers? Is the pattern to deflect? disparage? destroy the true news? to swear by all that is high and mighty, low and despicable that “False News” is everywhere but where you are?

So to those who get their news and views from corporate-controlled media, the déjà vu truth is: Whether the anchor or reporter is Fox-, CNN-, MSNBC-, ETC.-affiliated, your diet is fat-cat-saturated and truth deficient.

Time to move on, folks. Unplug from the fat-cat MSM. Move on to the new news paradigm — those upstart alternates who risk reputation, life, and limb to uncover the cover-ups of power and gain agendas with facts, evidence, and accountability. As always, use one’s head and discernment, but perhaps begin with some of these:

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And remember, the fat-cat “pattern and practice” is to malign, mock, and accuse all who threaten their standing and glory; and to reward willing, shilling others for doing the same.