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Correction! FWOKE

In a prior post (“Let Us Be Clear!1), Déjà Vu – Times II named the corruption and inversion of 1930’s “woke” principles as “new woke” (nwoke) to distinguish it from the original woke, but on reflection and observation of numerous SOD2 activists and their adherents over the past month, the more descriptive term is not “new woke” (nwoke), but faux-woke (fwoke) since most everything the SOD activists pursue is inverted and regressive of what woke stands for. In fwoke DEI-ology, diverging from SOD opinions is not allowed. Equity vanishes in the special acknowledgements, affirmations, privileges, and exceptions they demand for themselves and seek to compel others to accept and honor. Anyone, regardless of race, age, profession, status, etc., who does not affirm their life choices is to be excluded from all the rights, privileges, and freedoms they claim for their special group.

Let us not affirm the misuse and abuse of words such as “woke” when its meaning has been corrupted. Let us begin using faux-woke or fwoke to identify and expose the appropriation, inversion, and corruption.

2. SOD: self-obsessed diva / divo