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Crimes against the People

(And we are all guilty—some more than others—in some way or other)

▪ Unregulated laissez-faire markets*
▪ Excessive government regulation of markets*
▪ Tax structures that are both onerous and full of loop-holes
▪ Massive concessions to big-business while pretending the market-place is free, fair, and level
▪ Financial IVs for too-big-to-fail corps (too seldom spelled corpse)
▪ Revolving doors between big-business and government service
▪ Reorientation of local governments from service to profit (by taking on the business model)
▪ Equating collectives (corporations) with individuals and then favoring the collective
▪ Pretending HyPEs (Highly-Paid Employees such as CEOs, CAOs, CFOs, etc.) are capitalists and entrepreneurs.
▪ Allowing HyPEs to fleece shareholders
▪ Discrediting the import of government and the public good
▪ Selling public assets to private parties for their profit
▪ Serving special-interest collectives rather than electors
▪ Redefining individualism to mean self-interest instead of self-expression & -development
▪ Contributing to the profits of unethical business through consumer purchasing
▪ Fear mongering for power
▪ Secrecy
▪ And so forth
*Yes, crimes come from both the right and the left.