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It is understandable why many concerned viewers of Trump’s impeachment “trial” were thrilled with his acquittal this past week.1 They had been so intensely focused on researching the backroom coup attempts and concealed crimes of an entrenched (DOGS-of-War) cabal2  that was opposing Trump, that they blindsided themselves to what has now been utterly confirmed for Trump: that his power to do whatever comes into his mind or heart has no rebuttal and no limit.3 Somehow, his supporters (and SOTU grand-standers) remain completely blind (or bowing) to his speech and body-language of hubris, bullying, non-self-reflection, and consciousless mendacity.4 Yes, it’s probably true that Trump’s betrayals do not yet match those of the entrenched cabal of ratline-ers, but how long will it take?

Folks, we are not dealing with competing white suits and black suits; good and evil; truth and deception. We are watching combative heads of the multi-headed dragon of domination fighting to the death to retain positions of power and unbelievable gain, whatever the cost. Both sides of the aisle (and their enriched offspring, spouses, friends, and obedients) are locked into this game of thrones. Whatever the seeming choice, right or left, it is a choice for continuing betrayal of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Trump is no US savior. He is no Cyrus. And at some near-future, the facade of his acumen, success, and “renewed” US will be exposed. As to Pelosi and company, they are perhaps even more faux (and dangerous) with their decades of self-service, weapons-dealing, and global injustice.

So what is the next drama being written as we speak? Could it be Mitt Romney, crossing the floor to try and salvage his Republican values from a different angle?? — a silvered knight, a gift of the gods for beleaguered, meta-exposed Democrats? Who knows, but the CNN accolades were profuse!5


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2.  |  (an essentially non-partisan cabal of power- and gain-players both to the right and to the left and the closet-left, if the truth were known)
4. Harsh words, yes, but any harsher than New Testament | Matthew 23:27 ? ~ “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.” Just listen to Trump’s State of the Union, then reverse all his claims and one might get a truer picture of the State of the Dissolving-Union: State of the Union 2020: Highlights from Donald Trump’s speech (Global News | Time 13:58) at  :  or full speech (Global News | 1:25:34) at
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