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Democratic Blues: Confessions & Lamentations of “The Unknown Democrat”

(:Transcribed from meetings of Democrats Anonymous in undisclosed U.S. locations:)

Unfortunately, too many Democrats seem confused by the media’s “blue” labeling. Historically, we Democrats have been closer to the theoretical left, which is not conservative (or big-business) blue. However, by this same twist-of-color, our political rivals appear even more disoriented by their “red” label. They continue to proclaim true-blue conservative (plus b-b) values but have taken to furtive, authoritarian tactics and strategies. This Republican dualism should be a huge Democratic advantage. Why it isn’t, is probably attributable to the American monocle.
Unfortunately, even though we stump for the poor and needy, labor and small business, the middle class, and mother-earth, the reality is: big-business is more present, persistent, visible, and donation/perk-oriented, so we can’t always financially justify what we proclaim or prefer.
Unfortunately, we would prefer to always honor the constitutional checks and balances, but executive orders and an imperialistic presidency (expanded by our predecessors) are too useful and efficient to disregard.
Unfortunately, b-b lobbying is a fact of political life that pays personal and family dividends, both now and in the future.
Unfortunately, since the revolving door between business and government is too lucrative to bypass, exceptions, exemptions, etc. must be made to our lobbyist-free commitment in order to re-access our best, compromised experts for public service. This can make for public relations problems, but there is some consolation in the general shortness of American memory and the abundance and frequency of their distractions.
Unfortunately, nearly every qualified candidate for elected or appointed office will experience moral-, tax-, or nanny-challenge in our hyper-vetted, public-service contests, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, young Democrats, keep your nose, hands (yea, your entire portfolio) CLEAN for future service to your party and country.
Unfortunately, too many businesses have become so big, pervasive, and interconnected that they cannot be allowed to fail; therefore prudent government must periodically step in to halt credit and capital free-falls in order to save the world from capital follies. It is regrettable that labor, small business, the average Joneses, the poor, and the common good* suffer disproportionately in these recurrent meltdowns. We would it were otherwise.
Unfortunately, bail-outs, stimuli, and deficit spending often reward the unwise, imprudent, corrupt, greedy, and capital-elites; not to mention mortgaging the vast, uncertain future—which we try not to talk about; but from one POV, if NOW implodes, there may be no future to worry about!
Unfortunately, big-business can cancel its pension, health-insurance, and contract obligations with past and present employees when restructuring; however, present government is limited in the adjustments it can make to CEO/management salaries and bonuses when bailing-out or resuscitating. On the brighter side, this may result in less Republican censure for offending The Myths of Big-Business, and also be less subject to campaign blowback by big-donors.
Unfortunately, despite our beliefs that laissez-faire economics should be less laissez and more fair; that regulations and taxation have purpose; that environment matters; that we can be an inclusive, imaginative people; and that there are good alternatives to every bad idea; we are still mired up to the hip-pocket in status quo. (Sorry, folks.)
Unfortunately, our political rivals are predisposed to repetitive leaps, generalizations, and mis-labelings (e.g., calling us socialists, communists, Marxists, traitors, treasonists, “aiders and abettors,” wimps, crazies, scary, etc., etc.), which is targeted to our electability and to make us think we must support regrettable authoritarian measures to avoid being labeled or seen as “unpatriotic” or “soft-on-terrorists.”
Unfortunately, sometimes it works.
Thus, unfortunately, we have, too often, been in the Congressional minority. Therefore, try to push through as much as possible when in the majority. Try not to be discouraged when in the minority. Try not to resort to neo-Con-Rovian strategies (unless necessary). And try to get elected somewhere other than Minnesota!

(*i.e., the general welfare provision? of the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution)
(Posted in full version on Tuesday, May 19, 2009: 9:17 pm)