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Faux Rogue Repeat?

Several years ago, the US was courted by two faux rogues and in this most recent go-round (&-round &-round), it seems a third “rogue” has arisen—endorsed now by the second.So, in review, here is the “Rogue Repeat.”

Rogue (as defined by some) is to BE everything “Washington, DC” is NOT; as in honest, true, chaste, virtuous, wise, free of undue influence, etc., etc.2

However, do not be deluded by self-appointment. ALL who claim special rogue-dispensation to save freedom, democracy, and the Constitution should be check-listed (not black-listed as some politicians and pundits prefer for their opponents, but check-listed) so we can see whether they are really rogues, OR just more of the SAME OL’ STUFF—as in SOS.

So, if your “rogue” favors in the main:

□  Big Business □  privatization (especially of public goods)
□  small government3 □  upper-crust tax cuts
□  lax rules ‘n regs □  “free,” global markets
□  PAC money □  donations
□  rewards □  hand-me-ups
□  defense spending □  credit
□  career soldiers □  expensive accounts
□  standing armies □  PR
□  war □  appearances
□  God (with Pentagon backup)    □  enhanced interrogation4    
□  sound bites □  fawning reporters/interviewers, et al.
□  cheap shots □  words over substance
□  one-winged eagles □  grizzly tactics
□  dual-winged aircraft □  redacted facts
□  Money □  Manifest Destiny, plus
□  More Money □  Towers,5 &
□  oil □  stunning golf courses6

we regret to inform you that your rogue is a phony—as in SOS.

So the question regarding this third faux-rogue is: What do USians7 really want?

Do Trump supporters really think that a corporate boss whose life experience and motto is “power and gain unto Me and my numerous corps” is the great model for US government renewal? What does corporate power know about the “Bill of Rights”—except to contest them whenever possible vis-à-vis employees and “We The People” while aggressively asserting them for its own incorporeal self? Are we really ready for more corporatized government? And what is so rogue-ish about:

»  catering to Big Business?
»  delusions of grandeur?
»  massaging the egos of USians?
»  blaming foreigners and immigrants for national problems?
»  promising better times without becoming better people?
»  externalizing costs and internalizing profits?
»  touting “US Greatness” through Kissinger-brand “rose-colored specs”?8
»  etc.

So what do we have:

◦  a corporate autocrat seduced by imperialism?
◦  a corporate tyrant naïve about the plots and power of the global lords? or
◦  _____________________________________________?
      (fill in the blank)

In any event, it appears, once again, to be another SOS!

1. Palin endorses Trump
NYTimes: ;
2. Partial repeat of How to spot a faux rogue at
3. Caveat: expressed support or favor for “small government” almost NEVER translates into action—as in the Reagan years—as in promises for smaller government and deficit reduction—as in the HUGE difference between GOP actions in power and GOP words in campaigns and opposition. Small government seems to be but code for weak government vis-à-vis Big Business. There is also an increasing disparity between DEM actions in power and DEM words in campaigns and opposition, again related to the powers and persuasions of Big Business. Both GOPs and DEMs are deeply corrupted. They are latter-day political Sadducees and Pharisees, and we pretend we are making a choice!
4. (Did we witness any mental / emotional preliminaries to such in the “You’re Fired” TV extravaganza!?)
7. Since “American” is a term co-opted and branded (i.e., selfied) by the US, it is suggested that all citizens of the Northern and Southern hemispheres of America refuse, from henceforth, to acknowledge such exclusive USe and refer to citizens of the United States of America as USians—in evenhandedness with other citizens of the Americas, such as Canadians, Mexicans, Guatemalans, Brazilians, and so forth. It seems but right, fair, deserved, and preferable to USers.