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Faux-Socialists? Faux-Polarity?

Past time to wake up, folks! Do we really think that the Clintons, Obamas, Pelosis, Reids, Bidens, McCabes, et al. al. al. have the first notion what socialism is? They are first and foremost pawns (and future fall-guys) in an oligarchic game being played by their ghostly superiors / supervisors. These dupers / dupees have sold their souls for transitory sceptres, off-shore mega-riches, and rampant hedonism—the very same things that the power and gain “rightists” have always pursued (as in Bushes, McCains, McConnells, Comeys, Muellers, Rosensteins, et al. al. al.).

The so-called leftists have not the remotest intention of establishing “socialism.” It’s all a facade to cover the One-World focus of a MEconomy where elites, left AND right, serve the agendas of their grasping masters till all (even their surprised selves, and that includes Mr. K.) become robotic slaves to a master oligarchy.

So why do we keep obsessing over left and right? keep dividing ourselves in service to a faux polarity? keep believing that Trump is a divinely sanctioned trump-card against those _____ socialists? Yes, Trump is somewhat unique in the presidency. His self-service is child-like egoic. He seems trapped in some level of pre-operational1 unawareness. If he contradicts himself, he seems to genuinely think the past ceases to exist. If he denies his lies, he seems to genuinely think our cognitive abilities cease to exist. Most of his opposing elites know they are in service to a “higher” power-monger and acquiesce for the sake of their perks (though sometimes from fear) which they fantasize will last forever. But Trump? he doesn’t seem to know there is anything higher than himself. He orders and ordains in the most general of terms (“buy, sell, get me off the hook, make money, make a deal,” etc., etc.) and his paid servants carry out the specifics they were trained and hired for; then Trump takes credit for the work, results, and ideas (unless the result is less than satisfactory).

If we have the integrity to review “conservative” Trump’s demeanour, speeches,2 tweets, history, grandiosity, mendacity, etc., etc. in a full 360 degrees, do we not see the face of Ayn Rand where service to self superseded service to anything broader? On the other hand, the faux-socialists liberally serve themselves on the way to a WO (World Order) that they seem to view as greater than any one person. BUT whether Trump-style or WO-style, the agenda is the SAME: power and gain.

So to all those who think Trump is divinely appointed; they may be right in some measure! At least the entrenched, secretive, criminal cabal of the faux-left did not prevail to perpetuate their cover-up of murder and mayhem from a presidential throne (though they are still trying in every possible way). As to Trump? his childish, egoic ways — spending his tenure self-serving as opposed to also WO-assisting — may leave some wiggle room for a few white-hats to be able to work a little justice, accountability, and restoration into corrupted governance. All the while Trump devotees will “seeing him, see not; and hearing him, hear not” the all-to-visible selfie character of the man.

So, get a grip folks. Trump is no savior; nor team-player (whether the team be good or bad). His self-focus / self-distraction / self-delusion just opens the door enough (we should pray) for a few good people to do something good while he is tweeting, TVing, and travelling.

But those who think Trump is knowingly presiding over a draining-of-the-swamp do not appreciate the nature of his self-delusion, or the full-spectrum extent of our global swamp, or the way power and wealth (or the perception of power and wealth3) corrupts. And those who think that the departure of McCabe or even 100 like him will drain this swamp are in for a rude surprise. Pulling the plug on McCabe or even 500 other power-pluggers will only drain a few compartmentalized fetid shafts. The global master(s) will re-plug all the drains with new, expendable pluggers. The global agenda is too far established for entrenched, hidden power to relinquish with an exposure or two, or even a thousand. The great deception will increase in sophistication, violence, and coercion. More faux-saviors will appear and we shall be suckered again and again if we refuse to see what we see and hear what we hear in full 360; and above all, if we do not persist with courage to expose and counter at every turn the sewage that sustains the agendas of the secretive oligarchy in their never-ending pursuit of power and gain.

1. Remember Piaget?
2. (his extemporaneous speeches, not the carefully crafted speeches of writers who have been tutored in the skills of propaganda and myth-making / -preserving; and then delivered methodically, without passion, with the essential aid of a teleprompter)