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Fwoke* Blow-Back

(*Faux-woke being actions and words that invert the original meaning of woke.1)

It pretty much had to happen. You cannot take people who believe in freedom of speech, thought, expression, conscience, etc., and aggressively bully them into publicly and privately affirming and submitting to pretentious, self-obsessed diva / divo (SOD) narratives without eventual blow-back. Those of the fwoke class have been seduced by SOD activists whose tyrannical inversions of reality and reason have descended so far into the mockingly absurd2 that even those they pretend to care about have seen through the faux-empathy into the core pursuit: narcissistic supply. Witness the “damage” the faux-woke and their SOD activists have done and are doing to their alleged cause:

Woman Just Destroyed Pride Month, Even Gay People Can’t Support “PRIDE” Anymore
(BlackConservative24 | June 7, 2023 | 3:29 min) at
If this link disappears, it can be accessed through

Invitation to the fwoke: It’s not too late, yet,  to wake-up.