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Germane* Questions

For Justice Germain, all Albertans, Canadians, et al.

Pending the publication of a full transcript of Justice Adam Germain’s remarks in the Pawlowski sentencing, I rely upon news reports1 to ask:

1. IF Pawlowski’s “contempt of court” has brought the “administration of justice into disrepute” what might we call Germain’s ruling vis-à-vis inherent rights and freedoms guaranteed in law (such as speech, religion, assembly, travel, etc.)?

2. IF this report is true

“If the three men continue to preach to their followers, they must also place the other side of the argument on the record, the judge said”;

THEN does not our adversarial system require that Germain, as an officer of the court, put aside all his biases, presumptions, and (unexamined?) beliefs about the COVID-19 narrative and also get on the record “the other side of the argument”? — especially those counter-arguments allegedly debunked by the powers, the profiteers, and their sycophants? (Hint: there are tens of thousands of medical and other professionals and experts who could inform Justice Germain about problems and deceptions with the sanctioned narrative2 that vitiate his “wrong side of science” and “common sense” claims.)

3. Did we have a discerning judge on the bench or a second, hypnotized3 advocate for the prosecution?

Let us begin with this “other side”:

Dr. Roger Hodkinson Pulls No Punches On Covid19
(Voices for Freedom | August 25th, 2021 | Time 1:05:01 | the first 15 min. should be sufficient for a start) at

Will “I just believed the narrative” prove any more exculpatory than “I was just following orders”?

*Definition of germane
    – being at once relevant and appropriate : FITTING
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• Calgary pastor given odd court orders after flouting provincial health regulations
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