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(*Hippie-crits coined by commentor @yourgoogleaccount8428)1

If one didn’t know much about Burning Man,2 this season’s festival brought it to international attention over labor-day weekend; and though many of the Burners have only passing resemblance to the hippie counterculture of the ’60s, yet many of the anti-system attitudes prevail in our selfie-, consumerist-, cancel-culture of today. Ironic or not, labor-day weekends always host this annual festival of escapism.3 Of course, there is value in periodic escapism from duties, responsibilities, and routine, but could these two video-casters had some useful questions and insights?

(Yanasa TV | 4 Sept. 2023 | 9:32 min.) at

Burning Man 70,000 Stranded / FBI MK ULTRA / Hugo Talks
(Hugo Talks | 4 Sept. 2023 | 19:51 min.) at

So what do we think: Is Burning Man innocuous or revelatory? Was the flood of mud a wake-up signal? How many millions now know about Burning Man and its cousins worldwide? festivals of burning destruction? How many still mourn the Maui burn of scarce one month before? or the many recent burnings worldwide of forests, fields, homes, and businesses?

Why do so many (especially the powers) take such pleasure in destruction? Oh, that the destroyers would awaken and realize that, in the end, they will reap exactly what they sow (as prophesied!).

1. @yourgoogleaccount8428
“The original days of Burning Man were ok and good. Over the years it has un-become what it was built for. Don’t try to understand it anymore, there’s nothing to it anymore and please don’t wrap hippies up in this, those folks are rich af, there ain’t no hippies up in that, just hippie-crits.” At
3. (General Info: 3rd Q)