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Home Invasion?

Have we noticed — the priming of US by the Powers?

One of the WHO powers laments that contagion transmission has gone from the streets into the home.1 The solution: enter the home and remove the sick (symptomatic? asymptomatic?) into quarantine? And yes, you kids, report on your parents for your family’s safety. And neighbours: Don’t be afraid to report what you see or think you see (or imagine about that obnoxious neighbor or ex-spouse or non-complying business competitor).2 You are doing the State and the World a service.

Except what of the children of the many single mothers and fathers with a sniffle or cough that can’t be regular flu because the regular flu has fled — has given total ground to this no-holes(in the narrative)-barred new comer? Yes, but who takes the “orphaned” children? Child Protective Services? And what if the child is the sick one? Well, the possibilities are endless. Endless because the Stanford Prison Experiment (SPE)3 showed how excessive and endless the abuse of Power can become in less than half-a-week when ordinary people feel empowered to control others.

So, yes, we are also in the midst of an SPE — confined under threat of fine, imprisonment, or both when some authority says “Stay home.” “Back to your cell(-phone only).” “14 days solitary for you!” because you dared to cross the border to ask an essential question of a Customs Official ensconced almost within spitting distance of the demarcation.

And to add to the priming by guess WHO, we have Cuomo lamenting that staying home seemed to exacerbate the contagion.4 Clearly, the home is not safe. What is to be done? I suppose time will tell as it is doing every day as the Powers and their underlings and obedients strip the Western World of its remaining human rights. Oh, yes, we may be left with the appearance of freedom for a time, but the statutes are on the books, just waiting, with baited breath, for a second or third or X wave of contagion AND for that volunteer (or gift-carded) fleet of Pokémon Go for broke tracking addicts.5

The aphrodisiac of power knows no limits, as Mr. K.6 will attest. Invading the home — the castle of a person’s security and sense of soul — can be intoxicating (as too many police and military already know). In this crisis, Power-highs are being given a green light and we are going to pay dearly unless we and our elected officials servants muster the courage to cut the legs off the tower of power that the elites have built so high they now think they are gods. The real story of a global fraternity of bio-weapon profiteers for power is being buried as lesser elites (clinging to the tower) sync their puppet voices in embarrassing, revealing sequence.7 Power & Gain is the game with all the big players hiding their motives and agendas behind their (secretly weaponized) pawn and its endless variants. Blame the virus. Game and gain the World.

That it has come this far in a mere two months is stunning. But the psy-ops continue. “Your (and our) safety requires that we violate the security of your home on wisps of suspicion.”

What could possibly follow such an egregious breach!? Oh, yes, we are being primed for that, too. Your home was not enough. We must invade your body, too, (with unproven, perhaps catastrophic mRNA).8

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