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How Many More Witnesses?

How many more witnesses will it take before massive numbers of peoples in every nation join in unremitting protests in the

▪ streets,
▪ ballot boxes,
▪ social media,
▪ courts, and
▪ every other venue available

against the criminality and psychopathy of those who are obsessed with pursuing and protecting power, gain, and “pleasure” at any cost to others? How much destruction? how much murder and mayhem? how much transparent fabrication and suppression? how many teflon politicians and (un)civil servants will we tolerate before we cast everyone of them out of office and begin afresh? with simple, honest folk who care for God, family, and constitution?

Here are two more witnesses to the psychopathy of those who lead and those who follow their orders:

James & Joanne Moriarty Share the Truth About Hillary Clinton’s War In Libya (Time: 33:37)

James & Joanne Moriarty (Time 1:09:09)

Visit James and Joanne’s Websitewww.

Have we not, for decades now, allowed déjà vu on déjà vu of take-downs and take-overs of truth-tellers, witnesses, whistle-blowers, and once-sovereign nations by leaders and followers without care or conscience? How complicit are we by our ignorance? our fear? our silence? our choosing to see not? to hear not? to speak not?