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(to the right and to the left)

* Rogue (as defined by some) is to BE everything “Washington, DC” is NOT; as in honest, true, chaste, virtuous, wise, free of undue influence, etc., etc.. Because John (as in McCain) and Sarah (as in Palin) have claimed (and/or unclaimed) rogue-status, they will, of course, find themselves more in the cross-hairs of this checklist, but do not be distracted by their self-appointment. ALL who claim special rogue-dispensation to save freedom, democracy, and the Constitution (as also in the TeaPartyExpress) should be check-listed (NOT black-listed as some politicians and pundits prefer for their opponents, but check-listed) so we can see that they are really not rogues, BUT just more of the SAME OL’ STUFF—as in SOS.

So, if your “rogue” favors in the main:

□ Big Business
□ Small Government†
□ Privatization (especially of public goods)
□ Upper-crust Tax cuts
□ Lax rules ‘n regulations
□ “Free” & global markets
□ PAC money
□ Donations
□ Rewards
□ Hand-me-ups
□ Credit
□ Defense spending
□ Soldiers
□ War
□ Guns
□ Cheap shots
□ Expensive accounts
□ Appearances
□ PR
□ Sound bites
□ Fawning Reporters/Interviewers, et al.
□ The power of right words‡
□ Enhanced interrogation
□ Redacted facts
□ Grizzly tactics
□ One-winged eagles
□ Dual-winged aircraft
□ God (with Pentagon backup)
□ Oil
□ Money &
□ Manifest Destiny

we regret to inform you that your rogue is a phony—as in SOS.

† Caveat: expressed support or favor almost NEVER translates into action—as in the Reagan years—as in promises for smaller government and deficit reduction—as in the difference between GOP actions in power and GOP words in campaigns and opposition. Small government seems to be but code for weak government vis-à-vis Big Business. There is also an increasing disparity between DEM actions in power and DEM words in campaigns and opposition, again related to the powers and persuasions of Big Business. They are both deeply corrupted.
 ‡ As in Mister Luntz.