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“Imprisoned by Profit”

Recently, on “Ideas with Paul Kennedy,” the subject was “Imprisoned by Profit: Media and Democracy”1 which can be listened to here.2 In that episode, we are confronted with yet another voice crying in the wilderness of corporatism and bottom-line. But the story is not just about media. As we listen, we can hear the déjà vu in almost every arena that profit touches: science, education, business, medicine, health, construction, food, finance, fashion, employment, entertainment, religion, government contracts, etc., etc.

So let’s ask ourselves: How many values and principles do we compromise or sacrifice outright for the sake of profit? Perhaps we should ask ourselves this question on a daily basis. Would that daily query change anything about the way we think and live?

How long before we recognize that the only way to truly be free from the corruptions of profit is to embrace the gift economy?3

1. The discussion was with “world renowned Indian Journalist Palagummi Sainath … [who] believes the media around the world is, for the most part, imprisoned by profiteering and political constraints.”
2. (Time: 53:59 min.)
3. Gift economy: Google the term or begin here: ; ;