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Is All the World a (Déjà Vu) Stage?

(Theatre in the round after round?)

Events Around The World Are Perpetrated By The Elite’s Spotlight Units: Ole Dammegard (Time 1:00:39; X22 Report Special) at

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Scenario: Create an economic crisis that puts tens of thousands of people out of work and out of their homes, and you have a crowd primed for hire.
Rules: Don’t ask questions. Just play to the script assigned. Trust us. We have “good” purpose.
Pay: Who in need can refuse such great pay for such minimal fun work? And don’t ask from where the money comes! (Hint: asset forfeiture? theft? drugs for guns? tax payers? insider trading? ratlines?  black budgets? missing trillions?  charitable donations to unaccountable foundations? and on and on.)