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Metaphors for Meghan McCain (et al.) ?!!

#2: On September 3, 2018, the strangest, accidental(?) juxtaposition occurred on CBC’s As It Happens: ’twas a news story about a fish-monger and faux fish eyes that preceded by mere seconds a news story about John McCain.1

#1: On September 1, 2018, the same day that Meghan McCain was eulogizing her father2 at the Washington National Cathedral,3 and singing the praises of a forever great “America,” the Kuwaiti fish-monger’s business was shut down because of the cover-up and fraud.4

Is there a global metaphor here for all the blinded Meghans of the US? those so possessed by myth that they cannot (will not) see what has been done to moral and constitutional values by those pursuing and protecting power and gain (including her father)?

So what can one say to Meghan McCain? the same thing that was said to her step-mother, Cindy, one decade ago? Oh, déjà vu!

Will we ever open our eyes? or do we prefer the googly eyes of myth and pretense (and fish stories)? How oft, how long must we see the slippage and still deny the frauds and corruptions that are before our very eyes??

1. CBC ~ As It Happens: (fish-eye story begins at minute 24:55 followed at minute 27:15 by the John McCain story).
2. John McCain: