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Moral Hazard — to the Right and to the Left

?— Who has the greater moral hazard: the poor begging alms or the rich denying them?
?— If social security, health care, public education, and other government insurance programs that share the risks and costs of life are moral hazards, what of private insurance programs that externalize and share the risks and costs of ownership and/or business?
?— If capitalism cannot exist without the lubricant of insurance (collectivized risk-sharing), is capitalism, as presently constituted, a moral hazard?
?— If competition is so advantageous, why do so many small- and big-businesses succumb to the predatorship of bigger-business? And why does competition have a propensity to devour its neighbor?
?— If supply and demand is so co-efficient, why are there dumpsters full of edible food behind every supermarket in North America? Why are there continual massive “remainders” of books, magazines, newspapers, etc.? Why are there so few family-rated movies? Why did the “global money pool” run out of places to safely invest its money? What did its managers then choose to do? How many “insured” high-risk investors were paid out with tax-backed stimulus?
?— What is the saving difference between state collectivism (i.e., communism and socialism) and private transnational collectivism?
?— Why are there more lobbyists per elected official than grains in a minute-glass?
?— Is it progressive to create tax bracket inequities in order to redress other inequities?
?— Who has the greater moral hazard: Those who promise to do, and don’t or those who just don’t?
?— Is it OK to deceive citizens for the “good” of war?
?— Is torture by democratic countries more justified than torture by despots?
?— Is Jack Bauer (of Fox TV’s 24) a national hero?
?— Do safe ends justify tortured means?
?— Why don’t we have more “Mr. Smiths going to Washington?” [Ask: 1) Frank Capra; 2) the PACs]