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As we try to sort out what is truth and what is World Order (WO) agenda, what should we make of the disconnect profiled in this video? Is all this just one more instance of a higher-archy playing / controlling both sides of a manufactured fence? one more instance of steering (semi-)controlled oppositions into useful paths? of serving double-tongued masters, often without awareness? And WHY are so many New Earth (NE) logos seen in this video, so reminiscent of the Baphomet1?

Do the WO and NE roads — some from the left and some from the right — all descend from their respective continuums and extremes into an encircling, vast global enclosure2 — to the same captive end? some captured by promises of world order and social justice; others by aspirations of “freedom” sustained in (idealized) love and human goodness3? smooth things hiding the real history and reality of the human condition?

Yes, what should we make of this?

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1. Baphomet is a symbol of balance in various occult and mystical traditions, originating with the ;Gnostics and Templars,[4] although occasionally purported to be a deity or a demon. Since 1856 the name Baphomet has been associated with the “Sabbatic Goat” image drawn by Éliphas Lévi,[5] composed of binary elements representing the “symbolization of the equilibrium of opposites”:[1] half-human and half-animal, male and female, good and evil, etc.[2] Lévi’s intention was to symbolize his concept of balance, with Baphomet representing the goal of perfect social order.[2]
For various Baphomet images, see
3. also like the promises of Jeremy Griffith though he was not mentioned in this video.
Jeremy Griffith (born 1945) is an Australian biologist and author.[1][2] He first came to public attention for his attempts to find the Tasmanian tiger. He later became noted for his writings on the human condition and theories about human progress.[3][4] He founded the World Transformation Movement to advance his ideas in 1983. |