Blogger-SMS | Déjà Vu ~ Times

“More popular than you! So there!”

Recently, a popular news/entertainment commentator1 sought to disparage/discount a competitor’s criticism of his network by touting its/his ratings and mocking the ratings of his critic’s network—somewhat in déjà vu replay of grade-school standoffs. Oh, the “fame” of it all!

When have popularity/ratings/celebrity ever been the paradigm? Does this host really think his network’s ratings serve as some special “mass value” lending greater credence, weight, and truth to broadcasts? Perhaps he should consider the long (and short) history of preference.

Who/what has proven generally more popular?
  • At the party (even family) table: vegetables or cream puffs?
  • At the thought of exercise: racetrack or recliner?
  • In the face of peer pressure: square-ness or hip-ness?
  • At the mall: cash or credit?
  • At the political rally: conscience or charisma?
  • In the assurance of anonymity: integrity or avarice?
  • At the ratings game: thoughtful/honest or sensational/hype?
  • Before the cross: Jesus or Barabbas?
  • Etc., etc., etc.
Considering the history of popular choice, our host might be wise to rethink his parade of superior ratings. The déjà vu of “more popular than you” is rife with surprising twists and downturns. Just ask the rich man.2
1. O’Reilly Factor, FNC, Wednesday, July 21, 2010.
2. New Testament Luke 16:19-31