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Multi-National Finals

If you are a corporation (or CEO, CAO, CFO, banker, shareholder, etc., etc.) your exam is titled, Multi-National Finals and is 98% the same as the National Finals (recently released—October 21, 2011). Like the National Finals exam, it is open book (or books, as the case may be). The only difference is question 15. So after completing the relevant 19 National Finals questions, please proceed to this substitute question? Remember, examinees have 7 options:

C= Maybe
D= I don’t remember
E= I take the American Fifth
F= I’d rather go-to-hell than tell (Caveat emptor: this may constitute a technical redundancy.)
X= The shareholders made me (or so I am told)

Have you EVER:

15: dropped an Econ-bomb on local[1] economies or employees VIA

i) exit strategies? _______
ii) externalized costs? _______
iii) employee lay-offs, firings, rollbacks, cuts, etc., etc.? _______
iv) employee pension heists? ______________
v) exploitation of human suffering, needs, and desperation? _______
vi) excessive salaries/bonuses/perks/etc. to HyPEs (Highly Paid Employees)? _______
vii) endless tax-breaks, -holidays, -shelters, etc.? _______
viii) excessive, unsound leveraging? _______
ix) enhanced quarterly reports? _______
x) Enron-imaged, accounting? _______
xi) egregious polluting, hazardous and/or addictive products, etc.? _______
xii) extractive investment exceeding productive investment? _______
xiii) exploitation of public lands and/or resources for private profit? _______
xiv) extractive corporate raiding? _______
xv) erroneous rumors to enhance share value? _______
xvi) erroneous rumors to eradicate competitors? _______
xvii) exacting, crushing loans? _______
xviii) enticing Ponzi schemes? _______
xix) economic hit-men? _______
xx) etc. (your confession here)? _______

Note: The National Finals is a free exam whereas this Multi-National Final has a mandatory fee assessment to be determined upon completion using a (trade-secret) algorithm of your answers combined with a for-profit equation. (Good luck. You may need it!)

[1] Includes nation states since you are probably a global giant or an accessory to one.