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My Foot!* & Tom’s Big TOE: Step One

Yes, my (small) foot is intending to (virtually) step on Tom Campbell’s “Big TOE.”1 Since I’m not a physicist — not even a scientist — my stepping is unlikely to injure him (or CUSAC2) in any way (probably not even be sensed3), but since I am a frequent observer and thinker, too,4 here’s what I observe and think about a few of his 15 “aha” discoveries presented in a 2015 video.5

First, let me say: Campbell has some thought-provoking observations and theories about “reality” and consciousness, but when my observations and consciousness of the world proved so drastically different from his, I decided to take pen in hand (albeit a virtual one).

Second, let me say how ironic I find it that:

1)  Campbell sincerely claims his 15 ahas are a consequence of experience and consciousness and not of belief (no one told him these things; he figured them out himself “mostly from [his] experience in non-physical reality”), yet his present preoccupation seems to be travelling the world (somewhat like a guru?) spreading the gospel of his big TOE to believing audiences to “raise” their awareness / consciousness. [Would that be from from 3D to 2D??] And even though he preaches the virtues of skepticism and love, skeptics are not well received by his believers;
2)  his alleged virtual reality excursions seem to be like a descent (regression?) into a cinematic dream-state (2D) which can only be described to others once the state has ended which Campbell prefers not to do, purportedly so as not to contaminate other’s experiences;6
3)  dreams, visions, “trips”7 also seem to manifest as virtual realities — i.e., non-matter, 2D image states — triggered in or by humans with 3D bodies, membranes, brains, chemicals, compounds, and so forth;
4) several of the 15 ahas seem to reinforce empiric Domination System agendas and scripts8 — those real agendas and scripts that history has repeatedly manifest in some form or other for millennia and that real physical men, women, children and nature have suffered through déjà vu on déjà vu;
5)  several of the ahas (#s 1, 8, & 12 ) emphasize “being” as priority over doing, yet Campbell has abandoned the term “human being” in favor of “free will awareness unit” (FWAU) or a conglomerate of FWAUs being an IUOC (individuated unit of consciousness). Does this not seem highly useful for the observable control systems —  that we would not be recognized as “beings,” but as units, somewhat in the style of being an “asset”?
6) the current CUSAC experiments seem more focused on proofs using mechanical (physical), 3D equipment than on achieving and accessing information (proofs) via non-physical altered states (in other words, using the physical to prove our reality is not physical, but virtual??);
7)  Campbell seems to base his TOE on “belief” in the common interpretation of the double-slit experiment, though there is credible, science-based disagreement on that interpretation;9
8)  I seem to share a lot of 3D reality with others, but I don’t know anyone (do you, good reader or believer?) who, using the scientific method, can verify or replicate Campbell’s unique experiments with and numerous OBE visits to non-free-will databases in non-physical realms (aha #4) who are waiting for assignment to a virtual reality so they can then become a FWAU.

At this point I share my biggest objection to “Tom’s Big TOE.” The system (he says) “wants you to succeed; will help you succeed; and will give you what you need and what you deserve” (except for the odd random, accidental stuff: ahas #9 & 13). Really!? Really!!?? Were the devastations of WW I & II accidental random stuff for the victims? or the many massacres and ethnic cleansings of history? or MKUltra? or the Ukraine or Irish famines? or the British opium wars? or Pol Pot’s reign of terror? or Jimmy Saville-type crimes? or the U.S. Phoenix program in Viet Nam? or 911? or the 2010 Haiti quake? or the Socrates, Mores, Ghandis, Tyndales, Kings, and ten-thousand other martyred seers and whistleblowers of the ages? or ACE traumas? or SRA? or psychosurgeries? or orchestrated pandemics? or Buchenwald where the sign over the main gate10 reads an almost perfect match for Campbell’s aha #9? And on and on; the list is endless.

Did all these victims really create “for the most part their own individual and collective reality” (aha #6)? Must they “take full responsibility for [their] … quality of consciousness” [awareness of oppression and horrible suffering] because “it’s precisely what [they] have made it” (aha #7)?

Yes, there is a ton we don’t know or understand about this reality and more power to Campbell and CUSAC in finding real (not just virtual) truth, but it seems that more and more guru-types are ranging the world teaching about unique, lofty, and fantastic experiences that we have to take on trust or else try (or pretend) to cast ourselves into the same abyss of non-physical, 2D image- and sensation-based experimentation.11 Do we really think that experiencing a 2D, non-matter(?), image world is more real than the physical 3D that most of us regularly experience. Aren’t enough of us already living as avatars of a System whose greatest wish is that every human being were just digital “ones and zeros” controllable via switches and “game” consoles?

If “LOVE is the fabric” and the answer to harmonious living (as Campbell claims), what does the fabric do with all those who pull strings or capers or wool or rugs or chairs or chains or rank or weight, or power? Do we just pull the plug on their FWAU? And if love is the fabric, what is the warp and weft?12 Could it be (non-simulated) Truth and Justice? for where would love be if there were no real truth? if there were no real justice? And have we noticed that Love is becoming the catchword / watchword of this new physics? — that science is co-opting love AND spirit? that physicists are being called the “high priests” of quantum enlightenment by Campbell himself?13 — high priests whose consciousness does not seem to acknowledge the real world of power-plays and top-dog contestants — of oppression, violence, and evil14 perpetrated upon the so-called deserving of it? or even acknowledge that we can become technocrats and autocrats with digital powers that exceed by light years our ethics and love-capacity?

As this post has become long enough, I shall perhaps take Step Two in a later post setting out how so many of the “ahas” sound to me as if they were copied from a wish-list of the Spirit of Domination.

So my parting observation for today is this: If Campbell hasn’t encountered the spirit (data stream?) of the ubiquitous culture of domination that has oppressed the many for the benefit of a powerful few (in forever déjà vus), then perhaps his consciousness needs:

● less out-of-body trips to non-physical realms and more in-body visits to VA hospitals, orphanages, refugee camps, juvenile detention centers, Hiroshima-Nagaskai-holocaust museums, etc., etc.;
● more exposure to the science and history of Power;
● less “belief” in and advocacy for simulations and more direct action in exposing 3D principalities and powers;
● less concealment of NASA’s practices and purposes of OBE, and the like;
● more awareness of how few of us (including this blogger) are skilled in the art of self-reflection, self-awareness, and self-understanding.

* My Foot! Old-fashioned phrase: used for saying that you do not believe or agree with something that someone has said
† Virtual: Something that is virtual can be done or seen using a computer and therefore without going anywhere or talking to anyone:

1. For the uninitiated, TOE stands for Theory of Everything; a brief bio of Thomas Warren Campbell (1944- ) can be read at
2. Center for the Unification of Science and Consciousness |
3. [but if anyone becomes incensed that a free-will awareness unit (a current fraction of an IUOC) would have the temerity to question Tom, remember:
● if you don’t like your reality (of becoming aware of my questions / criticisms), it’s up to you to change your reality, not my reality (ahas #6 & 13);
● nor should you chase me with your intellect (aha #1);
● that most of us are doing the best we can and that we should treat each other with love and compassion (aha #11) even if some (like me? in your opinion) don’t;
● that one must take full responsibility for the quality of their consciousness and not blame anyone else (like me?) for issues or unhappiness (aha #7);
● that “control is an illusion” (ahas #10 & 15);
● that one decreases entropy by getting out of the way and just letting things (like me?) unfold (also, aha #15);
● that stuff happens and we choose how we deal with it (ahas #9 & 13), not by doing but by being love (aha #12);
● that since “physical matter reality (pmr) is an evolving digital simulation,” and “it’s all digital” (aha #14), don’t take it personally;
● and so forth.
Besides, who’s to say that I am not just a database (without an experiential VR) that has no free will to vary my response (aha #4).]
4. (which makes me also susceptible to wrong thinking. wrong observing, or wrong interpretation, BUT with the human right to be wrong on occasion, I am willing to set forth my thoughts and observations about his thoughts and observations in the hopes of perhaps tweaking or smushing some probabilistic awareness into his Big TOE.)
Tom Campbell: 15 Key Discoveries that led to My Big TOE: (Tom Campbell channel | July 1, 2015 | Time 49:00) at
6. Note: Campbell apparently claims that he and a fellow researcher were able to join each other in non-physical reality; however shouldn’t a skeptic ask: Was this claimed joint OBE ever independently examined and scientifically verified?
7. (Note: Campbell apparently condemns drug use for achieving OBE or increased consciousness)
8. E.g., Agenda 21 at
9. Just google “double slit” AND debunk
10. “Everyone gets what he deserves?”
12. Fabric;
13. What is the Relevance of the Physics Experiments for Humanity? (Time 11:58) at
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