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NewCon-001: Mandatory Masks*?

Occasionally, I will be posting some (letter-size) image / meme PDFs for willing activists to electronically share (or hard-copy, paste up, or mail) wherever they can or should. This 2020 roll-out of tyranny under cover of COVID has been beyond genius. It accomplishes all the pursuers and protectors of Power and Gain ever imagined for World Order (WO). And it appears, that in replication of Stanley Milgram‘s 1961 experiment,1 the majority of subjects (innocent, anxious people) in this 2020 global “experiment” are looking to the lab coats for guidance, not recognizing that the MIX of fake and real science that the “experts” and “leaders” are flooding the world with, all has a design and purpose for the stripping away of human rights – for WO. That is the simple, bare-bone’s truth, and if we do not awaken and resist, in whatever (nonviolent) way we can, we will find ourselves in a hell of bondage to the whims, contrivances, and power-plays of a Domination System run by people without conscience.

If your region has already mandated wearing masks and you can’t opt out, let us use them as billboards of resistance.

Additional to * below (listen to the doctors beginning about 1:45 min,):
Unmasking The Science You Aren’t Hearing On TV | COVID-19 Facts from the Frontline(Tony Robbins | May 23, 2020 | Time 13:08) at

Suggestion: If you are feeling alone and powerless (like a sitting duck), consider joining / supporting the Children’s Health Defense at

* Here is just a smattering of articles that question the value of masks or illustrate the far from settled science consensus on their use:
● Cloth masks: Dangerous to your health? at
● Face masks pose serious risks to the healthy – Blaylock at
● Wearing masks may increase your risk of coronavirus infection, expert says at 
● Face masks for the public during the covid-19 crisis at
● Wearing a face mask could put you at greater risk for coronavirus. Here’s why at
● Dangers of wearing masks in the heat and humidity at
● Masks may actually increase your coronavirus risk if worn improperly, surgeon general warns at

1. Stanely Milgram:

Other Recommended listening:
● Special Solari Report: Contact Tracing & the HEROES Act – with Mary Holland (The Solari Report | June 17, 2020 | Time 58:17) at
● Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers? (corbettreport | June 19, 2020 | Time 54:18) at

(Clipart images used in the NewCon series are from various purchased sources over the years and adapted / modified as needed with CS3 Illustrator.)