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Obedience Training?

Consider this:

The TSA (and other experiments in evil) (Time 17:56) at
or at

So, if resistance makes a difference, let us resist.
How? you ask.
Here’s an idea, (a Twelve-Step program), if you live near a U.S. airport:

1)  Gather fellow activists and agree on a flight day and time.
2)  Convince a person of means to donate to your cause.
3)  Buy as many discount tickets as your group needs.
4)  Use the principle of flash mob—perhaps 6 to 10 of you at a time.
5)  Space yourself as appropriate in the molestation line.
6)  When your turn comes, refuse the molestation.
7)  Be rational, articulate, and firm.
8)  Speak truthfully, but do not humiliate the TSA agent—use civil disobedience.
9)  Affirm that flying is not worth the price of humiliation.
10)  Have a fellow activist film the encounter.
11)  Post it to social media.
12)  Repeat in U.S. cities everywhere, as often as possible.

If the TSA can do Airport Theatre, perhaps the (un)common man and woman can write and perform their own theatre scriptsmaking a scene and a difference.

See also this related podcast by James Corbett: How TV News Manufactures Consent (Time 6:10) at