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Open Letter to Premier Brian of Manitoba

(and all other premiers, governors, presidents, prime ministers, and other public servants worldwide who have been groomed, seduced, and captured like unto Premier Brian)

Canadian Premier’s Harsh Holiday Message
(December 4, 2020 | Now This News | Time 3:36) at

Yes, Premier Brian (Pallister, et al.): COVID is real and so are the psychopaths who have created it:

•  as the perfect cover for unrolling global tyranny;
•  as the perfect invisible (patented) enemy for fear-pumping a näive, trusting public;
•  as the perfect storm for ($-motivated?) “saviors” to ride to the rescue;
•  as the perfect justification to convert public servants into overlords and masters;
•  as the perfect vehicle to launder billions as enslaving grants / loans / subsidies, investments;
•  as perfected repeats of Stanley Milgram / Stanford Prison Experiments1;
•  as the perfect excuse for denying every right and freedom that some of your ancestors undoubtedly died defending.


•  can’t clue in to the déjà vus of power and gain and their perennial pursuit and abuse;
•  can’t figure out where all the $-motivated “cases” are coming from;
•  can’t imagine how small networks of “trained contaminators” might target populations and pockets of resistance to rush the roll-out;
•  can’t conceive how easy it could be and has been to corrupt science and scientists;
•  can’t see how people like you are being programmed, set-up, and USED to propel a Domination agenda;
•  do not realize that you are just one more fall-guy to shield the grooming powers — one more patsy to absorb the deliberately orchestrated rage;
•  think blaming the people will wash your hands of complicity;
•  insist on threatening (and fomenting hostility against) those who reject näive belief in  “authority”;

then one can only conclude that you may be exactly what you accuse COVID deniers of being.

WAKE-UP and smell the sulphide!