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Open Letter to Reverend Greg

Jailing the Church
(Police fence Pastor James
and congregants OUT
of THEIR meeting house
(Email:: “AWAKEN to REALITY” sent April 14, 2021 to Rev. Greg and copied to over 150 Alberta officials)

● Re: Calgary faith leader [Rev. Greg Glatz of Knox United Church] applauds shutdown of GraceLife Church (CBC News · Posted: Apr 08, 2021 11:29 AM) at

● ‘Physically closed’: Alberta health officials shut down GraceLife Church west of Edmonton*

● James Coates Is Free but Now the Whole Church Is In Jail | Guest: Pastor James Coates | Ep 401 (Allie Beth Stuckey | April 12, 2021 | Time 40:19) at

Dear Reverend Greg, et al.:

Until we acknowledge that the obsessive pursuit and protection of power, gain, and glory has plagued every age of history, we will never understand the events of our time. -sms
So, dear Reverend Greg, the essential difference between you and the resisters at GraceLife (and others) is that you (apparently) believe in the narrative of “the powers,” whereas resisters do not believe in that power narrative, just as Jesus didn’t believe in the power narrative of His day — a power narrative where public servants convert themselves into masters and enforcers. Consider how many times Jesus was told: “It is not lawful …”? Yet what did He do?But this is different, you might say: “There is a devastating, novel virus.” EXCEPT, do you not know that long ago, the powers recognized the power potential of disease to achieve control agendas? (Remember the small-pox blankets?) Do you have any idea how many secret bio-experiments* have been done on uninformed people worldwide in the last 80 plus years? Have you done any research into the decades of multi-national, gain-of-function research? (Look it up.)And if “conspiracy theory” is your knee-jerk reaction, you have fallen for the great psy-op that has buried more truth and hidden (sanctioned) more crime and cruelty than any of us can imagine. SO, whom should we believe? those pursuing and protecting power, gain, and glory? OR independent investigators, whistle-blowers, and truth-tellers who risk everything in speaking out?

Just search your scriptures for the word “conspiracy” and its derivatives. Or re-read about Daniel and the Lions’ Den, or Korah et al., or Balak & Balaam, or the Hivite league, or Haman in the book of Esther, or Ananias & Sapphira, etc., etc. What is history if not repeating, recycling conspiracies of powers competing for [gain and] supreme power?

Yes, there are people sick or dying, but many resisters of tyranny believe in Revelation 2:9 — that we are in an age of “lying wonders,” the like of which the world has never seen, aided by a technology and a bio-weapon industry devised and designed for total control. Many know that the power paradigm that killed Jesus and most of His Apostles, plus tens of thousands of His disciples in every age, even to this very day, is working feverishly to finally achieve what has been sought for millennia — the destruction of freedom and of man as created by Almighty God. Your voice is helping sustain the same Domination System (this time under cover of COVID) that has burdened the world in every age and created divisions between people who should be standing together to further God’s work and honor His gifts of inalienable rights and freedoms.

So, yes, some people are sick and some dying, as they always have and will, but case and death counts can be easily manipulated and perpetuated through reported (exacerbated?) waves and variants via a compliant, complicit MSM and sometimes deceived (sometimes compromised) officials. This is not a question of whether we should love and protect our neighbor by blind obedience to inhuman mandates, bullying, and isolations. It is a question of whether we will awaken to the reality of power pursuit and abuse — whether we will love and protect our neighbor by working to expose and prosecute the powers and their agents perpetuating and benefiting from disease, fear, and blind obedience.

Investigate the COVID deaths in your congregation (or personal knowledge) compared to deaths in prior years. Do COVID deaths deserve more coverage, care, and compassion than other deaths like cancer, heart attack, influenza, suicide, overdose, accident, medical/pharma mistakes, etc.? What are the (malleable) “test cycle thresholds” that “justify” COVID case and death counts / reports**? So once again Whom should we believe? The powers pursuing and protecting more power, gain, glory, and control? or the whistle-blowers and truth-seekers*** who risk everything in pursuit and exposure of what is real?

Resisters to oppressive, censoring power see the deliberate fomenting of division; the destruction of peoples’ lives, hopes, dreams, families, and livelihoods; the disparagement of rights and of rights’ advocates; the bullying and intimidation by enforcers; and the obsessive pursuit of total control of people and their property to be but a repeat of numerous attempts in the past as documented in history and prophesied in scripture. Remember Ephesians 6:12? John’s Revelation?

This COVID scenario is a made-in-hell, nigh perfect scenario to perpetuate fear, deception, blind obedience, and distrust in everything and everyone except the advocates of the narrative — the promising saviors.

So please, do not be a blind guide to your parishioners or the public. Study the science and history of power abuse, mind control, the 1960s Stanley Milgram Experiment, psychological warfare, the bio-weapon industry, and the adversary’s agenda throughout history. Being led astray and deceived is why a persistent Gospel message is: repent, repent, repent. Trust in the Good Shepherd. Do not trust in the arm of flesh. Do not sanction power abuse.

The powers and the crowd have almost never been a safe escort.


*Just a few witnesses of many possible:
● Hall, John. Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control.
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● Or listen and decide whom you believe: “Documentary: Emerging Viruses and Vaccines” by Dr. Leonard Horowitz at (Posted again in 2010, but probably delivered in late 1990s.)

▪ PCR Testing Saga: Were We Duped? Were federal health officials and experts at WHO really unaware that the recommended high cycle count (CT) for PCR tests would produce an exorbitant number of false positives for COVID? by Dr. Joseph Mercola (Childrens’ Health Defense | Feb. 23, 2021)
PCR Cycle Thresholds: (Bold emphasis added.)
“The FDA has given lab manufacturers a wide latitude in determining the cycle threshold cut-off number of their qualitative tests to determine positive versus negative. These tests were approved under Emergency Use Authorization and have not been subjected to typical FDA scrutiny. With this in mind, the state of Florida has required all laboratories doing COVID testing to report the cycle threshold numbers used in qualitative and quantitative tests.
“So how does a qualitative RT-PCR test work? Basically, the manufacturer sets the test to turn off the cycling or amplification process when a certain number is hit. For a qualitative test set at 40, after 40 amplification cycles, if any viral material is detected, it turns off and is reported as positive. If none is detected, it would be reported as negative. If the number of amplification cycles was really 15 or 25, it would still run until it gets to 40 and be reported as positive.
“With these type of tests, it’s critical to use an agreed-upon cycle threshold value such as 33 (CDC) or 35 (Dr. Fauci) rather than setting it at a potentially misleading 40 or 45. Many of the current tests in use are preset by the manufacturer to these higher numbers.
“The World Health Organization issued a notice last week telling the labs “the cut-off should be manually adjusted to ensure that specimens with high Ct values are not incorrectly assigned SARS-CoV-2 detected due to background noise.” Could this be a reason why many people test positive but remain asymptomatic? In that same memo, WHO said all labs should report the cycle threshold value to treating physicians.” at

*** /
Only a few of the counter-narrative voices out of many possible:
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