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Our Human Duty

Considering the unrelenting déjà vus of history and human nature,1 it is our Human Duty to be awake and aware of:

1. the recycling inhumanity and domination drive of the spirit of power2 that possesses the self-anointed elites of this world;

. the chief tools of their psychopathic-trade in captivating and enslaving souls, through: fear, lies and propaganda,3 rampant corruption,4  and hypocrisy (including presenting evil in the name of “good purpose”);

. human weakness and hypnotic predisposition to social contagion, mass formation,guru worship, and self-deception.

, it is our human duty to watch this 5-part documentary that is now premiering in 6 languages:

There is not a silent soul with access to internet that will be held guiltless as accessories to the many crimes against humanity that have been visibly escalating in the past three years. With the proliferation and profusion of witness, the excuse “I did not know” is equivalent to “I refused to know”; “I didn’t speak up” is equal to “I didn’t care enough.” And if any soul alleges that all resistance to the “authorities” is based on baseless conspiracy theories,6 and that they will not watch “conspiracy theories,” know this: You have shirked not only your human duty, but a divine duty to pursue truth — “to prove all things and hold fast to that which is true.”7

Let us review: In achieving psychotic atrocities, which of these is not an escallating parallel between then and now?

• the role of P3s (Public-Private Partnerships
• the role of the media in spreading fear and lies
• the role of medics (at all levels)
• the role of “elites”
• the propagation of fear of “the other”
• the stripping and violations of human rights
• discrimination, persecution and / or murder of selected targets
• the brutality of “law” enforcement
• the apathy of the masses
• the complicity of the masses
• the excuse: “I was just doing my job!”
• the reason: “It’s for the good and safety of all!”
• incremental depravity

Indeed: Never Again Is Now Global

Please Let Us Do Our Human Duty:
   Be Awake
    Be Aware
     Be of Good Courage.
      Be Active
       Be Vocal

7. New Testament | 1 Thessalonians 5:21
   21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.