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Parallel Structures: A New Hope

In an August 2021 post,1 I profiled an Academy of Ideas video setting out four actions of resistance and survival for those wishing to escape the psychosis of 2021 — those wishing to counter the pscience-driven,2 menticide agenda?

1. firstly, spread information that counters the propaganda as far, and as wide, as possible;
2. “use humour and ridicule to delegitimize the ruling elite”;
3. construct “parallel structures”;.
4. “active and concerted effort by thousands to move the world back in the direction of freedom.”

The great news is that number 3 is beginning to happen already. Tune into this:

Oct 23 – A New Hope For Awake Canadians? Ezra Wellness Centres With Svetlana and Sean
(Odessa Orlewicz | 23 Oct. 2021 | Time 1:14:05) at

What a great paradigm for renewing essential services that are being increasingly denied or decimated by tyrannical mandates! It is time to break the monopolies and bureaucracies of the old power systems with local, grassroots organizations that reject the monolithic Domination System. By creating parallel, local structures based on integrity; by honoring people’s freedom to privately contract for services they wish to offer or receive, the old system of domination will loose its power- and fear-base. New jobs can be created for those fired or who have resigned to protest the tyranny. What service provider, with a little ingenuity and brainstorming, cannot adapt their business to a new, life-enhancing model?

With parallel structures of integrity, we can build back better with God, instead of the psychopathic fantasy of building back better than God.

2. Pscience is based, not on facts, observations, method, experiment, and truth, but on agendas sustaining the pursuit and protection of power, gain, glory, and domination.