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Plague of Tyrants

Since we seem to be infected with a plague of mini- to maxi-tyrants in recent years, here is a short test for self-assessing Tyrannical Traits. A score of one or more is sufficient evidence that one cannot be trusted with power, local or higher. However, there are voluntary awareness and / or re-education courses available, some of the best being sketched out for rapid comprehension. If you score one or more on the test, you qualify for the free After Skool video found below the test.

Do you think health concerns warrant suspension of human rights?
Did you yell (or sneer, etc.) at someone for not wearing a mask?
Did you yell (or sneer, etc.) at someone for wearing a mask?
Did you snitch (or want to) on anyone for “mandate” malfeasance?
Do (or did) you support lockdowns, floor arrows, boundary tape, and plexi-glass profits?
Do the unvaccinated make you angry or homicidal?
Have you ever entered onto someone’s private property without permission to protest a cause?
Do you think you or anyone should be able to tell people what pronouns, names, or words they are permitted to use and when?
Do you demand that people think what you think about race, gender, politics, social justice, climate, etc.?
Do you want to censor others who don’t believe the narrative that you believe?

If you scored one or higher, this After Skool is for you:

MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL
(After Skool | Aug. 3, 2021 | Time 21:49 min) at