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(A new noun for the new normal*?)

pscience (noun)

   pronunciation: sci·​ence | \ ˈsī-ən(t)s
      – same word family as pseudo | psy-op | psychopathy, and the like
      – can be spoken with a  slight hissing sound for affect and differentiation

1) “alternative data” rolled out in 2020 in support of lock-down, distancing, masking, confusing, and fear-pumping mandates
2) “fake facts” to censor or disparage questioning, critiquing voices
3) acrobatics of flip-flop to befuddle and bedamned
4) department of systematized foie gras2 (gavage) of the People by
     a) MSM
     b) experts (in following-the-money)
     c) motivated labcoats3 
     d) assuaging voices like Grande4 / brittlestar5 / et al.
5) tailing pond accumulations for “Flooding the Zone”6
6) uncensored source code of WHO, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Patreon, Google, etc. (vis-à-vis the censored source code)
7) dissonance reduction STPs7 for CMOs,8 CMO bosses, trackers, believers, enforcers (paid & unpaid), etc.
8) the mind- / mine-field of CONTROL for the good of all and the more-good of others
9) a system or method of turning all things upside down and inside out (as in boondoogle9)

10) the tech that so improves10 on God, He shan’t be needed beyond 2020

 But, if you prefer Science (without the hiss), consider

Covid 19 lies (#s 1-34+)11
Pandemic Truth Warriors12 
Coronavirus Fraud Scandal14
Planned Chaos Video 3 – Racial Divide = Civil War15 [science of manipulation & control]
● plus thousands of other questioning, investigating, credible voices.

: we are all subject to deception, so use discernment, remembering always the science and history of power, gain, and glory. Let us view everything 360° to avoid deceptions of confirmation bias. And in my view, 360° puts us on notice that Trump believers (as demonstrated in some of the above videos) are as deceived as Biden ones, each in their own unfortunate 180° way.

* being the old normal of every tyranny that ever was.

1. “Alternative facts, even when soundly refuted by credible experts, persist because they are sticky; that is, each repetition of a falsehood makes it more familiar and therefore more believable. All demagogues know this.” Carol Tavris, Elliot Aronson. Mistakes Were Made (but Not by Me) Third Edition: Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts (p. 274). HMH Books. Kindle Edition.
3. The Stanley Milgram Experiment’s 65% (see footnote 4)
6. “Flooding the Zone”: a propaganda strategy of overwhelming citizens with the “power” version of events, crisis strategies, necessities, “facts,” and new expectations as discussed in the October 2019 Event 201 at 
7. Scripted Talking Points
8. Chief Medical Officers
11 (for a growing list of truth warriors.)
12. Pandemic Truth Warriors (Video Section at A Warrior Calls or if that is censored, go to or

15 Science of Control: Planned Chaos Video 3 – Racial Divide = Civil War (Time 29:23) at