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PSRS: Operation Big Chill (OBC)?

(Problem | Set-up | Reaction | Solution  as deployed consecutive Februarys in Canada?)

(The un-examined inevitability of Power v. The People: Operation Big Chill — based on déjà vu)

If some tyrannic soul out there in the wide world is still wondering how to chill any and every peaceful protest, Canada just wrapped up its multi-million dollar PSRS (POEC) OBC variant.1 Here, in short form, is the M.O. of Operation Big Chill:

Some “fringe minority”2 of citizens decided to protest a P3 narrative3 that the “fringe” claimed was illegally infringing their Constitutionally-protected rights and freedoms. The first fringe was stirring-up more “fringe minorities” into a patriotic frenzy of support by co-opting the national flag and the word “freedom” as symbols of their misguided, extremist, (family-friendly, freedom-restoration) quest. The P3 power-play and keeping-you-safe stratagems had been unexpectedly cracking, so the grass-roots resistance had to be massaged to the right explosive temperature in furtherance and “justification” of an accelerated reset of control, compliance, and order. As the “fringe minority” was exceeding their power-allowed exposure and support, something had to be done, tout suite! So, ah, yes! Déjà vu to the rescue: deploy those historically tried and truly successful undercover and cover-up maneuvers. So onto the SET-UP!

   1) Call-up all the local and globally tutored infiltrators / saboteurs that are always ready, willing, and able to join protesters with the undisclosed intent to:
      a) encourage violence and criminality;
      b) speak trigger words or commit acts that offend the general, and not-so-general, public;
      c) convey intel and suggestions for further disruption;
      d) plant incriminating evidence where needed;
      e) bear false witness;
      f) distract, compromise, sabotage, provoke insider conflict;
      ) etc., etc. (as in “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste”4 in the pursuit of more power gain, glory, and domination);

   2) reinforce the undying commitment of MSM voices, asset fact-checkers, enforcers, influencers, and other dupers and dupees to the P3 narrative of fear and loathing;

   3) “table-top” talking-points to repeatedly parrot position and performance virtues;

   4) endlessly assert that rights and freedoms are not being violated (in the very face of those violations  —  aka gaslighting);

   5) label everyone who questions, resists, protests, or exposes the narrative as “a _____ conspiracy theorist”5;

   6) strategize repeated confrontations, provocations, accusations, press conferences, enforcement threats, selective reporting, staged offences, false flags, etc.;

   7) IF losing control and face (in an unfolding, unpredictable situation): 
      ▪ hype and convert local disorder into a national emergency, and co-opt Provincial powers;
      ▪ invoke the Emergencies Act;
      ▪ order insurance companies, banks, fund-raisers, etc. to cancel or freeze the accounts of protesters and / or their donors / sponsors;
      ▪ charge and prosecute selected protesters, but mysteriously lose interest in, or grant witness amnesty to, other “protesters”;

REACTION (real and staged):
      ▪ escalating confrontation and frustration;
      ▪ MSM condemnation, criticisms, distortions, & fabrications re protesters
      ▪ claims of catastrophic financial and status loss;
      ▪ hyped public cries for government to restore order;
      ▪ other (MSM-censored) public cries of power abuse and calls for accountability;
      ▪ compliant financial institutions;
      ▪ vandalism and brutality by enforcers;
      ▪ FEAR

      ▪ More power, gain, glory, and domination via chilled speech, chilled action, chilled thought, chilled association, chilled public protest, chilled donation / sponsorship / support, etc.;
      ▪ Compliance, apathy, and, best of all, perennial FEAR of government & its P3 power-plays;
      ▪ Emergencies Act taken hostage by staged extremism (Feb. 2022)? then eviscerated (Feb. 2023).

Every peaceful protest can be easily converted into a “justified” national emergency warranting the suspension of constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms.

All it takes is Operation Big Chill.

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See also:
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3. P3 = Private-Public-Partnership which partnerships can be formal or informal, transparent or secret.
4. Rahm Emanuel?: (see under “Disputed” at bottom of Wikiquote article)