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“PUFF, the Magic Dragon*”?

(Pondering the Gates to World Power and perhaps to other places!!)


● one were a short-sighted1 ordinary-looking dragon* with an entourage and an agenda to dominate the world;
● one wanted the Whole Wide World to sing in unison: “noble kings and princes would bow whenever [he] came;”
● one’s dad believed that “pirate ships would lower their flags when PUFF roared out his name;”
● one “lived by the se[e]” of surveillance: and
● one thought there were too many fish in the sea;

what would one not do?

Conspiracy analysts,2 reviewing the déjà vus of history and science — being the history and science of the will to Power, Gain, & Glory — know one would pretty much do whatever came (or was placed) into one’s mind. But if the gods had not gifted such a one with a Tony Robbins’3 presence or delivery, how should he compensate? How could he get all those noble kings and princes — all those pirate ships — to bow and lower their flags? Yes, of course, dominance is the key and the science. Of course, the magic of money helps buy power dominance (or the appearance of power dominance), but how to polish image — to recast the nerd genius of software (afflicted by novel viruses) into a celebrated, heroic, genius savior from novel human viruses?

First, become ubiquitous. Children’s cartoons.4 Endless fawning TED & talk shows.5 Saintly, smiling ads for Goodreads. Etc., etc., etc. Everywhere, everything a platform!

Second, take a lesson from PUFF. With every appearance, gesture enormously and continuously.6 It’s a dominance signal.7 The UNconscious of many viewers (including most kings and princes, it appears) will get it without knowing it and will bow and lower their flags subconsciously. It’s a brain stem thing. A Stanley Milgram8 shocking discovery that a (puffy) lab-coat (or the suggestion of a lab-coat cohort) can be amazingly persuasive in the shut down of higher brain function. Not to mention the self-intoxicating glory of watching kings and princes, (presidents / premiers, scholars / scientists, popes / priests, judges / lawyers, actors / anchors, plus every Joe & Jane) bend / bow to one’s novel imagination and claims.9

Third, simulate software security designed to monitor and plug unending fearful vulnerabilities of … — Uh, oh, … ya, … sorry, Puff. You already know all that?! You’re already six-odd steps ahead of us! Sorry, we forget!

EXCEPT, Puff! PUFF! please listen. All this glory10 stuff seldom ends well. You don’t have to do all this. You still have choice if you haven’t achieved the point of no return.11 And while you are still breathing, we pray that you haven’t achieved it, because all the power, gain, and glory in this world is just smoke in a mirror, and you are worth more than smoke. It ain’t worth the losses, Puff.12

* [hybrid of the Dragons’ Den type ( AND Peter, Paul & Mary – Puff The Magic Dragon (with Lyrics) (MiraCulAko | Time 3:27)] at,_the_Magic_Dragon

1. (yet, believing himself to be far-sighted)
2. I first read “conspiracy analyst” in the comment section of a YouTube video and wish I could give proper credit to the commentor but did not note the place at the time, but it describes pretty much what investigators, police, and judges often do (or used to do); what MSM journalists used to do; and what independent journalists are now trying to do while under fire from the bought and paid-for MSM.
3. |
4. Episode 379 – Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid (May 17, 2020 | | time 36:47) at
5. Just search “Bill Gates AND [TED or talk or Goodreads, etc.]” for an astonishing array of appearances, and things by and about Bill.
6. (alternating with strange smiles and prayer-like hand clasps  — that no one will clue into the COIs — conflicts of interest — or the agendas?) But as to the continual large gestures, watch most any interview such as BBC | Financial Times at | CNN at , etc.
8. Stanely Milgram:
9. Such as “I’m an expert on vaccines and therapy.” (See min 2:19 with Fareed Zakaria on CNN at )
10. Vainglory  by DeYoung, Rebecca Konyndyk. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.. Kindle Edition. MORE than a Goodread, it’s a SUPERREAD.
11. “[T]he stage at which it is no longer possible to stop what you are doing and when its effects cannot now be avoided or prevented” |
12. New Testament | Matthew 16:26  ~ For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?