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Pulling the Curtain?

If one has not read The Secret Team: The CIA and its Allies in Control of the United States and the World by L. Fletcher Prouty, here is perhaps a place to begin—with John O’Loughlin,* son of Tom “McDuff” O’Loughlin, who was appointed by JFK to break the CIA into a thousand pieces by way of SACSA (Special Assistant for Counterinsurgency and Special Activities). Both Kennedy and “McDuff” died before the work could be accomplished.

[John commenting about his father, Tom, and reading from Prouty’s book, The Secret Team] (October 17, 2019; Time: 4:17, compiled by George Webb) at

How many times must the curtain be pulled back before we finally admit what has been done by US? what we have become? what we have condoned by silence? by ignoring the witnesses?

Let us follow John O’Loughlin and his Toto up the yellow-brick road into awareness and action.

* “John has culled a list of top experts on the subject of US misuse of covert action, and he has selected their bellwether books on this subject. Additionally, he has delineated the key passages in each chapter of each book in a video reading, complete with his personal commentary from his father’s personal interface with the operations along with his personal highlights from his library. Robust commentary from a group of dedicated researchers accompanies every episode including “jump cuts” to the best parts of the episode for those viewers just looking for the highlighted summaries. John O’Loughlin Is a Georgetown trained attorney who led a large litigation practive for a major DC law firm for decades. His father was famed FBI agent Tom O’Loughlin, chosen by John F Kennedy to be the top civilian at the Pentagon overseeing covert military operations. This channel [of John O’Loughlin] is dedicated to ending the misuse of US Military assets and special forces for private gain by insiders, most notably, a rogue contingent with the CIA.”