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Re-education for the CPO*!

[*College of Psychologists of Ontario – and all other Colleges (or governing bodies) that have fallen into advocacy for Pscience1 Omnipotence (also known as CPOs — Colleges of Pscience Omnipotence]

Within the past three years, governing bodies worldwide have taken to censoring members and threatening their licenses for offending the powers and for resisting the pscience of conformity and World Order (WO) — aka Tyranny. One of the latest is the College of Psychologists of Ontario vis-à- vis Jordan B. Peterson2 whose wide-ranging contributions to honest inquiry and truth-seeking are perhaps unparalleled in this 21st Century. His contributions can no longer be tolerated by the P-33 powers and the WOKE4 lords, and thus this intensified targeting with these three main agendas:

1) censor, distract, intimidate, and forestall JBP from exposing more of the hypocrisy and lies of power pursuers, abusers, and protectors;
2) interrupt further honest inquiry and truth-seeking / -speaking by JBP; and
3) intimidate others from expressing opinions, beliefs, or facts that offend the powers and their narratives.

So, in the spirit of [JBP] gander & [CPO] geese5: let the geese re-education begin with intensive, mandatory re-education of:

●  the historical battle for fundamental freedoms;
●  the contents, meaning, and constitutionality of Bills and Charters of Rights both national and international;
●  the DSM-V definitions of mental illness that many medical and mental health professionals are now normalizing;
●  the difference between science and pscience6;
●  the power and courage of one or two in opposing harmful or abusive  conformity7;
●  the frequent self-deception, narcissism, and psychopathy of power pursuers, abusers, protectors
●  the science and abuse of mind control, e.g.:
• Bloom, Howard. The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History.
• Meerloo, Dr. Joost A. M.. The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing.
• Simpson, Christopher. Science of Coercion: Communication Research & Psychological Warfare, 1945–1960 (Forbidden Bookshelf)
• Zimbardo, Philip. The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil.
●  etc. as the spirit of true science dictates.

With satisfactory re-education, board members could rename themselves the CFPO: The College of Free Psychologists of Ontario.

All those in favor of CPO re-ed , please inform  them:
General E-mail:
Telephone: (416) 961-8817
Toll Free: (800) 489-8388
Fax: (416) 961-2635


1. Pscience is the corrupted offshoot of honorable Science. It is the inevitable consequence of man’s obsessive pursuit and protection of power, gain, glory, and domination. Pscience is pseudo, psychopathic, propagandizing, plagiarizing, politicized, psy-opic, and above all, profit-obsessed, and profit-driven. This obsessive pursuit and protection by people without conscience is often enabled by naïve, trusting, or fear-filled acolytes. Pscience is a one-faith, one-dogma, heretic-fearing, self-deceiving, other-censoring system.
2. Why is Licensing Board Threatening Jordan Peterson’s License? | Dangers of Emotional Board Members (Dr. Todd Grande | Jan 7, 2023 | Time 15:43 min.) at
Also, amongst many others: (Ben Shapiro) (Rebel News) (Rebel News) (Mikhaila Peterson)
3. Private-Public Partnerships which partnerships can be formal or informal, transparent or secret.
4. See subheading: Clarifying questions  to the Woke at
5. Idiom adapted to the facts: “What is good for the goose is good for the gander.” or “What is sauce for the [JBP] gander is sauce for the [CPO] geese.”
6. See footnote 1
7. This footnote is to help awaken fearful board members (intimidated by emotional or bullying board members or complainants) to have the courage to stand up and speak out for integrity and freedom of opinion and belief. By caving to the bullies, the CPO has exposed its lapdog status and invited scorn and ridicule. Re-educate yourselves and apologize. Refuse to be a Stanley Milgram obedient administering shock after shock on orders from the “bosses.”
See Stanley Milgram Experiment #17 and many other experiments for breaking group conformity.
“In Experiment 17, three “teachers” were used, one real participant and two confederates. Teacher 1 read the word pairs, Teacher 2 announced whether the answer was right, and Teacher 3 (the real participant) administered the shock. After hearing the learner’s protests following the 150-volt shock, Teacher 1 dramatically refused to participate and moved to the other side of the room. The test continued until Teacher 2 also refused to continue in a dramatic fashion at the 210-volt level. At this point, the experimenter told the real participant to continue the study by himself. Milgram found that 7.5% of the participants refused to go on as soon as Teacher 1 quit, 30% refused to continue immediately after the second teacher quit, and only 10% continued to the end of the study” (p. 3, bold emphasis added).
Replicating Milgram Would People Still Obey Today? | Jerry M. Burger | Santa Clara University | January 2009 |

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Attribution: Harold Heartt, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Date: 1907
Description: Border ornament for Selma Lagerlöf classic Adventures of Nils (1907 English translation by Velma Swanston Howard and illustrated by Harold Heartt Folely), pg 35. (Flock of Geese)
Author: Harold Heartt