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Real Life: Milgram & SPE?

Has anyone noticed (a suggestion for Dr. Todd Grande*) that we are in a global Stanley Milgram AND Stanford Prison Exercise all rolled into one?1 And that it’s not an Experiment — it’s an Exercise. The lessons learned all those years ago have been co-opted by the Powers as most levels in the authoritarian hierarchy have gone bezerk with opportunity and justification, stripping Human Rights Left AND Right — giving themselves solo, unchecked power because legislatures are deemed too cumbersome, ineffectual and contagious2 in this virus crisis. And the vast majority of citizens (by comment and survey) are kowtowing to and sustaining this illegitimate authority — unquestioning of compromised, gain-driven experts; AND, at the same time, average citizens are becoming (and being asked to become) authorities and judges themselves of what is permissible for others to do and what is not. As a friend observed, “We have become so afraid of dying we have given up living,”3 Not only that, but we demand that others give up living, too. STAY AT HOME. DO NOT STAND NEAR ME? I saw you from my window walking too close to each other. Why are you travelling in twos to the store? Why did you go twice this week? Are those purchases really necessary? How can WE trust you to be among US unless you are tracked4 and vaxxed?

It is bizarre beyond imagination.

And so we have the Stanley Milgram “labcoats,” like Dr. Todd Grande,5 a generally thoughtful and reasonable professional, pushing the narrative of unquestioning obedience to authority — promoting un-examined trust in science and experts because he trusts in them, and we should trust in his analyses. How long will it take him to see in himself the perceptual biases that he sees in others? How long to finally awaken to the déjà vus of the “will to power and gain” that has plagued mankind through the ages? Science and history expose this crisis for what it is — the beyond perfect power-play.

So while the Dr. Todd Grandes of the world “lullaby” the adults as to power, authority, and experts, the IASC6 takes on the children.

My Hero is You, Storybook for Children on COVID-19

The inundating message: Obey authority. Trust science (the authoritarian-approved, controlled, profit-driven science). Be a hero of trust and obedience. (Be one of Stanley Milgram’s 65% — be a Milgramite.) And disparage anyone who chooses to question or to think / observe outside the authoritarian box or to remember the déjà vus of Milgram, SPE, and history.

* See footnote 5. And notice how Grande’s critics (kudos to them) seem like unto the roughly 35% of subjects who walked out of the Milgram experiment because they refused to defer to authority that violated their conscience, their sense of humanity and human rights, their sense of right and wrong. Is the response to Grande’s upload not classic Milgram: the majority deferring to authority (and his pro-authority stance) and the minority choosing to question and refuse “obedience”?  Does Milgram’s experiment of increasing shocks to “learners” not have parallels to forced vaccination? The healthy (non-toxified) body is a marvel of healing capability and to insist that those who fear disease and death can control, punish, or force others into behaviors opens the world to an unending tyranny.
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“Christopher Browning, in reflecting on the social forces that were operative in [the murderous] Reserve Police Battalion 101, cites both Milgram’s and Zimbardo’s research and identifies as particularly important: deference to authority, adaptation to role expectation, the intoxicating effect of exercising unrestrained power over others, pressure for conformity, and isolation from all countervailing cultural and institutional influences while in a foreign and alien territory [including culture turned upside down?] (Understanding Genocide, 6). [Ravven, Heidi M.. The Self Beyond Itself: An Alternative History of Ethics, the New Brain Sciences, and the Myth of Free Will (p. 433). The New Press. Kindle Edition.] (bold emphasis added)
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Also: | Many other jurisdictions have already done this or are contemplating it.
3. Other relevant observations:
… however: our task is not to save the world. God alone can do that. Our task, William Stringfellow reminds us, is to witness to the freedom of human life from the power of death, the threat of death, and the fear of death. [Walter Wink. Engaging the Powers: Discernment and Resistance in a World of Domination (Kindle Locations 4524-4526). Kindle Edition.]
… resistance to evil and death, to the Dragon and its Beasts, is the only way to live humanly in an inhuman world. Engagement in specific and incessant struggle against death’s rule is in fact what renders us human in the time, and times, and half a time, that mark our days in the present world disorder. [Ibid., (Kindle Locations 4539-4541). Kindle Edition.]
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6. My Hero is You, Storybook for Children on COVID-19
[This blogger’s comment: “The Making of My Hero is You” is a manifest miracle of unbelievable, speedy global consultation, writing, editing, translating (30 languages), publishing, & marketing, all accomplished by March 31, 2020! Amazing! Incredible!!Truly unbelievable!!! unless one has a prescient, prophetic prognosticator on board!]