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A Message to all Public Servants, Everywhere:

Until we acknowledge that the
obsessive pursuit and protection of
power, gain, and glory has plagued
every age of history, we will never
understand the events of our time.

So please, as public servants, make the commitment to understand what is unfolding. Investigate the “pursuers and protectors.” Proof the “science.” Listen to witnesses opposing the lockdowns and domination. Examine the science and history of power and its perennial abuse. Defend our rights and freedoms in the corridors of power as courageously as our veterans did in the fields of war. Awaken to a sense of our awful situation.

Truly REMEMBER why we commemorate November 11.
A Message from
men & women
of hope & remembrance
Two Witnesses (out of hundreds possible):
Readers, everywhere, feel free to forward this to every public servant you know.