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Should we be concerned about cryptocurrencies?

[ krip-toh]
1. a person who secretly supports or adheres to a group, party, or belief.
2. secret or hidden; not publicly admitted: a crypto Nazi.

Derivative? of crypt?
1. a subterranean chamber or vault, especially one beneath the main floor of a church, used as a burial place, a location for secret meetings, etc.
2. Anatomy. a slender pit or recess; a small glandular cavity.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Cryptocurrency’1
The anonymous nature of cryptocurrency transactions makes them well-suited for a host of nefarious activities, such as money laundering and tax evasion.

Hmmm …… Looks like we might be in the midst of another run-up to a BUBBLE bath. Perhaps we need a history refresher? In March of 2011, I wrote a blog post entitled “Vast Fund of Stupidity [& Recycling Cupidity]”?![2] It began thus:

In memory of the birth of the South Sea Company[3] (in 1711 – 300 years ago), Deja Vu Times recycles a few comments/quotes from the “bubble-bath” of 1720. These words from the 1700s are also recycled in memory of the many bubble-baths[4] since and in expectation of The Great Bath (TGB) to come (sooner than later), if we don’t renounce this Vast Fund (and all its fundamentalists).

[See also:]

Are we in a grandiose run-up to The Great Bubble Bath? Investopedia assures us that cryptocurrencies “are difficult to counterfeit” and “theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.” Do the words “difficult” and “theoretically immune” offer sufficient comfort? Isn’t the major overwhelming economic problem NOT that governments interfere and manipulate, but that private central banks continually puppeteer governments and economies on a global scale? And who really believes that the secret creators of cryptocurrencies have not engineered backdoors to monitor and control whatever they wish. Are we being bambozzled? Is what they promise the opposite of what is or will be? déjà vu the perpetual schemes of all those who pursue and protect power and gain?!

What do we understand about cryptocurrencies and their connections to AI? Could any of these videos help?

Quinn Michaels:

Crypto Conspiracy and the Road to the AI Singularity (Time 1:05:35) at also:
▪ King of BlockChain Peter Thiel #bitcoin #Ripple #Etherium #Aragon #Augur (Time 6:11) at
▪ Kings of Blockchain Peter Thiel and Marc Andreesen #bitcoin #zcoin #earn #coinbase #slack #qadium (Time 14:13) at
▪ Sophia and The United Nations Peter Thiel and Friends – #Jess #Tyler #Louise (Time 19:30 at
▪ SingularityNet and The Beast a Strange connection (Time 2:02) at

Other warning voices:
▪ Saudi, Bitcoin & The Sophia Singularity w/Anthony Patch (Time 1:43:51) at
▪ Blockchain Raising The I.Q. Of A.I. w/Anthony Patch (Time 1:43:50) at

Plus dozens of other warning voices. So, should we be concerned about cryptocurrencies? Should we have been concerned years ago? You decide.

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