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Snow Job?

Does it not seem in these latter days that blizzards of deceit and myopia are getting thicker and thicker as co-offenders attempt, with desperation, to obscure, distort, or mis-remember events?

Take the blizzard surrounding Edward Snowden:1

 Officials and reps on the right and left, crying out for the “rule of law” to be honored in extraditing and prosecuting a man for exposing secret, massive breaches of law by others. How about we take the words of John Boehner (et al.)2 and add the names of all the guilty (including sanctioning politicians) in this “giant violation of law.”

Take the blizzard surrounding Benghazi:

 How soon we seem to forget the facts of “9-11” and numerous other embassy deaths in past years as we point fingers of outrage.

Take the blizzard surrounding the IRS scandal:

 How duplicitous to stand atop a heap of one’s own still secret “targets” (past and present) and point with indignation at another’s targets.

Does not the Ministry of Truth from Orwell’s 1984 seems alive and well as we frame and reframe events to conform to our 180° view of a 360° world?