Blogger-SMS | Déjà Vu ~ Times

So, it has come to this! Again!

▪ That the sun never sets on American bases and SOFA’s1 in near déjà vu of a recent fallen/defeated Empire;
▪ That so many pretend that money ≠ power ≠ undue influence ≠ inevitable corruption ≠ inevitable death of freedom;
▪ That we manufacture/manipulate citizen consent thru deception and propaganda and call it freedom of speech;
▪ That so many malign “enemies” for sins copied in secret (though sometimes openly, without apparent shame or remorse);
▪ That so many still praise, pursue, envy, and worship excess (while calling it, “deserved prosperity”);
▪ That we openly admit, justify, and sometimes celebrate assassination and torture;
▪ That pundits spin 1984 newspeak without apparent consciousness (aka: SCOTUSese; Newtspeak; Mittification; Santorumph; aPauling attachment to romanticized, libertarian dogma and fallacies2; and donkey parallels);
▪ That we stage democracy like a propped up storefront.

Is this the preferred point of destination for the American Constitution? Apparently not, for we have also come to a turning point, again! as more and more are turning up to protest. Thank goodness (and for believers in something higher than man and mammon, Thank God!)

1. Status of Forces Agreements:
2. see . Observation: One thing that can be said for Mr. Paul to date (vis-à-vis his competitors), is that he has been consistent in his disconnect with the real world. The current field of 2012 GOP candidates being Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum.