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Some Scientific Truths! More or Less*

(*Gleaned from CERTAIN scientists who shall remain unnamed in memory of Schrödinger’s unnamed cat.[1])

 If certain scientists assume that something is possibly probable—it is MORE than possibly probable—IT IS (unless, of course, that something happens to be God).
 If certain scientists assume something is improbable—it is MORE than improbable—IT IS NOT (as in God)—with the ONE possible exception being our improbable Universe which has been put to the “pinch” test and passed (more or less).
 Assumptions do not need testing; only hypotheses and theories do (more or less).
 Assumed sets of laws result in all sorts of Possibles and Probables with a unified field and/or theory possibly probable in the near future (or past or present, if you believe in imaginary numbers).
 If certain quantum scientists predict something, it will appear (somewhere); and since John the Revelator was not a quantum scientist, there is no cause to worry. (Corollary: If one is looking for something, one will possibly/probably find it, UNLESS, AGAIN, OF COURSE, that something should happen to be God—BECAUSE God is both impossible AND improbable, without exception.)
 Catastrophism was impossibly improbable for certain scientists until comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 was observed doing something possibly probable in July 1994. Now, certain scientists are gradually reconsidering. (Random thought: What if John the Revelator was scribing for an undercover, cosmic/quantum scientist?)
 Being unable to satisfactorily explain our mysterious universe, certain [verbose and lactose-intolerant?] scientists have taken to creating their own.
 Multi-universes (sometimes called The Landscape) have been created by certain scientists (sometimes out of nothing) to explain the inexplicable and bear witness of the unobservable. This is not to say alternate universes/dimensions don’t exit—just that science can’t see them—only think, infer, and talk about them as a way to create assumptions and/or explore persistent mysteries.
 If science has enough alternate universes, imaginary numbers, and time, everything will eventually be explainable (though perhaps not observable).
 The supernatural is too unnatural—HOWEVER quantum superposition [2] is an amazingly mysterious (believable) departure from the norm.
 To CERTAIN scientists, it IS absolutely true that there is NO absolute truth. And that’s the absolute truth.

[1] Explanation in brief: Schrödinger had a paradoxical thought about a cat, but never actually created a live one or triggered the demise of a dead one (insofar as we know). Had Schrödinger given a little more thought to the cat in his “Copenhagen” critique, it is highly probable he would have named the imagined tabby, Limbo. For greater detail on the unnamed cat, see’s_cat