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Subversion of Sovereign Nations? | Witness #1

What should we make of this?

Klaus Schwab | September 20, 2017 | Harvard Speech & Interview1
(This transcription begins at circa hour 1:07:48)
“Yes, actually this notion to integrate young leaders (cough) is part of the World Economic Forum since many years. And I have to say when I mention our names, like Mrs. Merkel, even Vladimir Putin, and so on. They all have been Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. But what we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina, and so on. So we penetrates the cabinets. So yesterday, I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and I would knows that half of this cabinet, or even more [than] half of this cabinet are former or actually Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. It’s true in Argentina and it’s true in France, now. And I mean, with the president, with the Young Global Leader; but what is important for me is those Young Global Leaders have an opportunity to come here and we have established a course now since several years, and I think it has, this corporation, has a tremendous impact because being here for a week really creates a strong community; and we, in addition, to the Young Global Leaders, we have now the Global Shapers in 450 cities arounds the world. … [They enthusiastically recognize the Global Shapers in the audience.] And what is astonishing is to see how those young people really have a different mindset and I have great admiration because when I have a group of Global Shapers in the room and I asks them: are you thinking global terms or in national terms, the majority would say in global terms. If I asks them what is more important for you: to make money or to serve society, more, certainly 80 percent would raise their hand and would say: serving society. So I’m very optimistic about the future of the world because we see young generation, I think we can build what I would call a new Renaissance particularity using technology; solving all the issues moving forward.

Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers tutored and trained in global thinking vis-à-vis national loyalty? Yelites2 committed to serving what type of society? what type of Renaissance? what type of rebirth? a Georgia Guidestones3 world? a new feudalism?

How are these words (preserved at enhanced with Schwab’s “million-sold” books, not evidence of felonious subversion in pursuit of a New World Order? a new utopian nightmare?

What kind of authority do we think these self-appointed people have to lead, shape, and serve an agenda that pretends, with smooth words, to be for the common good, but is exactly the opposite?

And what, in this unfolding war narrative, are we to make of this?

Volodymyr Zelenskyy – President of Ukraine:4
Curiously, this lenghty twitter record of Zelenskyy’s appearances and devotion to WEF has been suspended!! Option: search “Zelenskyy AND WEF”.
Or try here:

Two WEF grads, Putin and Zelenskyy, performing on the world stage. Who wrote the war script? Who is directing it — this déjà vu script that calls for millions of innocent, expendable extras on all sides?

1. The 2017 Malcolm H. Wiener Lecture on International Political Economy (with hagiologist David Gergen). (Begin at 1:07:48) (Bold emphasis added.)