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Suggested Protest: “Flooding the Zone”

(Citizen Response to Event 201’s “Flooding the Zone”1)

If we are limited in the safety of gatherings because of threatened fines or arrests or because of the danger of being sprayed or coming into contact with areas sprayed with contagion, perhaps we can flood the authorities with mail-in protests. Make a list of every federal, state, provincial, regional, or local official (including Public Health ones) who has been supporting, either passively or actively, this “New Normal” (being the Old Normal of every tyranny that ever was) and FLOOD them with appeals to awaken their better natures and courage.

Considering the escalating FLOOD of mask passion and propaganda by “authorities,” “experts,” celebrities, MSMediums, obedients, and fearful dupees, here is a suggested mail-in protest in 6 easy steps:

1. print the “Please” page below so it covers the right half of a landscape page (click on the pop-out arrow in the upper right corner of the image to access the PDF for printing);
2. at the bottom, paste or write in your contact information (Name | ZIP, Postal, or Region code | email | date); for example: (JaneDoe | 55555 | jd12345 at | 2020-7-30);
3. add YOUR relevant city / region / country information in bullet-point four (e.g. Montanans) & bullet-point six (e.g. Montana) depending on who you are mailing the protest to and what their jurisdiction of “authority” is;
4. print / copy as many as you need;
5. then, on the reverse (in portrait orientation), print the “mask” PDF image so the head of the image backs the “PLEASE” page (clicking its pop-out arrow for access). Note: the “PLEASE” page needs to be printed first to get the correct orientation for folding and opening the mask image;
6. Fold in half and mail in a 5 3/4” by 8 3/4” envelope to every official you have selected; (with the PLEASE side facing the back of the envelope. This placement facilitates immediate exposure to the PLEASE page and the appeal before they open to the “shock” image.)

If you desire, make your own PLEASE page or image, BUT let us appeal to their better natures. Let us be blunt, but not threatening or distasteful. And feel free to white-out the blog-site references at the bottom of the mask image before copying, if you desire. No credit need be given to this blog site.

For those who feel helpless in watching all this unfold, paper-flooding (being more visible than electronic flooding) is a way to reveal our awareness and raise our voices in defense of human rights and freedom, whatever the cost.
Let the (counter) FLOOD begin!

If you sincerely fear to act with courage and with trust in God, please read the last 4 paragraphs of:

1. “Flooding the Zone”: a propaganda strategy of overwhelming citizens with their version of events, crisis strategies, necessities, “facts,” and new expectations as discussed in the October 2019 Event 201

Re Masks: see also,

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