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Surveilled Prepping: A Heads-Up

How many times have we been advised recently to purchase gold and silver as a hedge against hard times? But what critical thing is being ignored in such advise? Even prepping advise concerning food, fuel, medicine, water, etc. seems to ignore that critical thing: the unchecked power of psychopathic, authoritarian “experts” to make up mandatory rules on the fly to achieve “ the greater good.” In this age of massive data files — cataloguing and documenting every purchase from aspirin to zucchini, from Ag supplies to zinc tablets — your private “horde” of whatever-is-deemed-needful for the survival and safety of “thy neighbor” during the unfolding, orchestrated “supply shortage” can and will be targeted for confiscation for “ the greater good.”

And do not be naïve; whatever is confiscated for the sake of “thy neighbor,” is unlikely to be seen by thy neighbor. Scarcity is a powerful tool. Hand out rationed items to the compliant and you get more compliance; you get SICO+ scores for a being Socially Indexed Credit Obedient.1

And if we think to hide our “stashes” or deny their existence, the data banks will bear witness against us. And if our SICO score is negative (for being a Socially Indexed Credit Offender), those data banks may even lie for the State and insist we have what we never had, to justify and speedify our internment.

Have we forgotten? If privately-owned gold of the 1930s could be so easily confiscated,2 why do we imagine the powers will be more ethical in 2022 after what we have just witnessed these last two years.

So, let us be prepared mentally. Anything and everything can be made illegal (even rights and freedoms) by psychopathic, authoritarian “experts.” We can be left with nothing but faith in God, and even that they will try to make illegal, untenable, or corrupted. That’s just the déjà vu of a forever-recycling domination system. And since we have allowed and continue to allow treason, domination, and crimes against humanity to get above us and to prevail, our last defense may only be prayer.

So much seems to witness that we are moving into another age of chaos and crime with signs in heaven and earth. If so, do not be afraid: all the confiscation, theft, and orchestrated scarcity by the powers may come to naught if God gives a manna déjà vu. Who knows what God will do? what we should pray for?

Except, let us continue to pray that the powers will be brought to confession and repentance, and if they refuse, may they be brought to exposure, to judgment, and to justice.

And remember the Greek proverb:

Better a drop of wisdom than an ocean of gold.3

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