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The (Ab)Use of Greta?

For decades, the powers-that-be and wanna-be have funded the science of manipulation and control.1 How (they undoubtedly asked) do we most effectively massage heartstrings and also firewall (as much as possible) against criticism of our hidden agendas as we advance toward the WO2 of a sweet “utopia”? A primary answer would have been suggested almost immediately:

Use children and young people.

Simply put, if one controls the education and information available to adolescents, one increases the odds of controlling the future.

Of course, we have witnessed young people who have, on their own initiative, undertaken world-reforming projects, but in these days of rampant propaganda, should we not be somewhat questioning when a youthful voice rises up to promote the prevailing narrative: that CCS,2 SRM,3 and the like are the climate solutions (with their attendant taxes, subsidies, and massive industry profits)? and where science presents SRM as “nascent” and futuristic when, in fact, it has been polluting earth and sky and enriching corporations for decades?4

So, who is this young Greta Thunberg — the passionate voice of the climate crisis? What is her full back story? Should we be conscious of things as they really have been and often are when investigating grass-roots movements and the science of co-opting? Should we pull back the curtain to see if there are handlers, funders, sponsors, and PR / media pros backstage or in the wings with agendas? One can perhaps begin here:

Greta segment found at minute 15:17 thru 23:12
The 3rd Annual REAL Fake News Awards! (corbettreport, Jan 24, 2020) at
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We should not fault Greta if there are agendas and information hidden from her. She is undoubtedly doing what she believes is right and / or justified — perhaps what she has been tutored for(?). And yes, for those who have eyes to see, Greta is right that something must be done about the unconscionable abuse of this earth and our environment. But this I say to Greta: You have said many credible things, but when you say, “I want you to listen to the scientists” and “You cannot ignore the science and the scientists,” you speak as if science were monolithic (undiversified) in its views on climate solutions, but it is not. Science has proven many times to be blindly authoritarian, deceptive, oppressive, vindictive, arrogant, fraudulent, and subservient to WO agendas. So here are some questions to consider:

▪ What if the science you advocate for is the science of increasing global domination, manipulation, and aggregation of resources by a powerful few?
▪ What if you are being fed only partial truths to galvanize an authoritarian science solution that does not honor nature, but distorts, corrupts, manipulates, abuses, or overrides her processes?

▪ What if your science and scientists have been manipulated or corrupted by the powers-that-be for profit and hidden agendas?

▪ What if the science solutions that pretend to be emerging are benighted “solutions” that have been secretly tried for decades,5 adding their own toxic burden to our world?6

▪ What if your “science” is a science of slavery pursued in the name of saving the earth?
▪ What if the science of SRM, and the like, is a science of desolation — an experiment in hubris?

So, let no one target or disparage Greta or her fellow activists. Rather, let us focus on and expose the stage-managers of yet another déjà vu of use and abuse of the naive or innocent as the powers-that-be pursue the WO of domination.

Let us prosecute those who pollute for the sake of profit or alleged climate repair and let us advocate for solutions that nature herself would pursue if she were not burdened by our hubris.

1. Several posts of this blog and its companion blog Déjà Vu ~ Times II have dealt with scientific studies and manipulations of the mind, plus there are hundreds of books on the topic of mind and behavior control.
2. WO = World Order
3. CCS = Carbon Capture and Storage:
4. SRM = Solar Radiation Management:
5. See or follow his weekly audio casts; the latest being at
Compare to the obfuscations at:
> Could geoengineering really help us solve the climate crisis? by Adam Vaughn at
> What Would It Be Like to Live in an Era of Geoengineering? by Rebecca McCarthy at
6. (like putting a toxic fox in charge of nourishing the sick chickens?)