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The Age of Suckerbergs?

2. Informal. a person easily cheated, deceived, or imposed upon.
1. Topographic name for someone who lives on a hill or mountain [with head in sand or crevice when conjoined with sucker].
2. Variant ~ burg: an ancient or medieval fortress or town walled off [from seeing the world and the powers-that-be as they really are ~ when conjoined with sucker].
(Source: SMS adaptation1)

More than once upon a recent time, a recycling cabal of control fanatics (CoCF2) have met in regular, secret session to brainstorm how best to sucker the masses into a creeping, global tyranny. Here is an abbreviated summary:3

»  Create (or preferably steal) social media platforms where persons, under the impression of sharing with family and friends are sharing personal details with the CoCF.
»  Front the (stolen?) platforms with CoCF kids to give the impression of accidental, serendipitous invention by common kids of genius.
»  Give free stuff with hidden agendas of surveillance [gifts with guile] having secret back doors in everything in order to monitor, manage, manipulate, malign as needed..
»  Get ordinary citizens to buy listening and seeing devices for use in their (supposedly) private spaces under the guise of wondrous convenience where everything they say and do can be seen, heard, and recorded unbeknownst to them (or in the alternative, under the belief that officials or power-brokers would never betray their privacy and trust).
»  Mix-up real and fake so no one can discern fact from fiction.
»  Turn the tables on whistle-blowers, accusing and convicting them of CoCF crimes they sought to expose. In other words: Lie, malign. Lie, malign. Repeat.
»  Turn the tables on expendable accomplices, accusing, convicting, and/or suiciding them as “lone-wolfers” for crimes orchestrated by the CoCF. In other words: Deflect deny. Deflect, deny. Repeat.
»  Convince patriots and people with conscience to run drugs and weapons under the illusion they are helping authorities ferret out sellers and users of drugs and weapons.
»  Convince citizens to do whatever authorities ask (e.g., crimes under color of high and moral purpose) to expose communist, socialist threats to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
»  Create financial crises so that more common folk are available to participate in organized surveillance / stalking of persons alleged or assessed to be potential threats to CoCF agendas.
»  Infiltrate every good thing (including NGOs, churches, charities, societies, clubs, etc., etc.) with the purpose of assessing threats, and where needed, of fomenting division, corruption, compromise, and control.
»  Fund science to find ways to confuse and/or manipulate meanings, morals, minds, nature, climate, health, gender, etc., etc., etc.
»  Psy-op the masses into romancing and conflating power and wealth with morals, virtue, and just desserts.
»  Solicit, train, and fund trolls, shills, and spokesmen to further CoCF agendas with cacophonous repetition.
»  Dumb the masses with donuts, drugs, dramas, whodunits, double-binds, double-takes, double-dealing, double-face, double-tongue, double-entendre, etc., etc.
»  Distract from awareness of things as they really are with whatever works best in similitude of targeted, personalized advertising.
»  Own, compromise, or manage MSM personalities, so “news” and talking points obscure the BIG picture and further the agenda of division, distraction, deception, manipulation, and control.
»  Orchestrate subtle, sophisticated entrapment schemes to bring politicians and power-brokers into the orbit of CoCF manipulation and control (ostensibly under a threat-assessment program).
»  Create the term conspiracy theorist to mock exposure of unwelcome facts and to denigrate knowledge of history and its numberless, conspiracy déjà vus.
»  Deflect, project, deny. Deflect, project, deny. Repeat.
»  Etc., etc., etc.

The list of stratagems to sucker are endless, but are regularly revealed by whistle-blowers, truth-tellers, and truth-seekers, many of whom have already been referenced or profiled in over a decade of Déjà Vu posts.

Where are we each on the suckerberg scale?

1. Based on ; & 
2. May be pronounced cock-if
3. Deciphered through observation and study of things as they were, are, and are to come because of the nature and ubiquitous pattern of those who are obsessed with the pursuit and protection of power and gain—the pursuit of domination.