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The Babylon Cons

As we “wrap-up” this season of surfeit and spending, perhaps we should commit, in the coming year, to a serious investigation into the many cons—beyond this seasonal Santa-con—that Babylon (and her minions) have been and are inflicting upon us.

This Déjà Vu ~ Times blog and the Déjà Vu ~ Times II  blog1 have already profiled many cons (by those pursuing power and gain)—with some cons being more devastating than others:

▪  psychotropic drugs     ▪   capitalism2
▪  Darwinian evolution     ▪  corporate share structure
▪  scientific supremacy     ▪  debt and credit
▪  the Big Bang (TBB)     ▪  space race
▪  scientific objectivity     ▪  outer-space travel
▪  media objectivity     ▪  advanced aliens / alien UFOs
▪  Ayn “objectivism”     ▪  ascended masters / “angels of light”
▪  GMOs     ▪  quantum-jumping
▪  atheism     ▪  false flags
▪  snow mould     ▪  and on and on

But there is another possible con that has recently surfaced that might prove to be one of the greatest cons of all time. The “unbelievable, crazy” question is: Have we been conned to believe that we live on the outside curvature of a spinning, revolving sphere that orbits the sun? Unbelievable as it may seem, the question is far from settled despite “globalists” who mock geocentric “Flat Earthers.”

Considering all the other deceptions that we have fallen heir to, could the wisest course be to contemplate and investigate this newest quest for truth in the manner these writers advise?3

King Solomon: He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him  (Old Testament | Proverbs 18:13).

William Paley(?)4: Men reject Christianity [and other things] from indolence and indifference, or contempt prior to examination; and their scepticism, not being originally the effect of patient and systematic investigation, their subsequent enquiries (if they deserve the name) are careless, superficial, and made rather with a view of confirming themselves in those opinions they have already imbibed, than with an earnest desire to discover and embrace Truth wherever she may be found.

[The above Paley(?) quote has apparently been condensed and attributed to various others as:] “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” Or the variation: “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” (Bold emphasis added in both.)

So if one wants to begin a 2016 adventure in observation, investigation, and thought about this possible GREATEST CON, one could begin with these (but as always using great discernment):

WHY the Great Flat Earth Deception in under 5 minutes (Time 4:57) at

FLAT EARTH Clues Introduction by Mark K. Sargent at 12:32 minutes, plus 12 other segments of about equal length each; plus numerous other videos.)

BUT CONTRAST Sargent’s speculations with the work of ones like Eric Dubay:
   • Eric Dubay v Mark Sargent Flat earth (Time: 5:02) at
   • Mark Sargent’s Raging Shill Clues (Time: 27:52) at
   • Eric Dubay Real Flat Earther Interview (Time: 1:06:27) at

AND THEN run everyone through God’s Word. The need for discernment to ferret out distortions and deceptions cannot be overstated. See also, etc.:

Rob Skiba: Examining Flat Earth Clues – Part 1 (Time: 1:19:47) at (If you want to skip preliminaries go to about minute 28. Also review his other segments 2 & 3 and numerous other videos.)

Exploring The Flat Earth Controversy (a summary worth reading despite some typos and grammar errors) at

The number of questioners is becoming endless; the number of YouTube videos exploding. Perhaps it is time—yeah, past time—to question everything within, around, and about Babylon.

2. Do not be bamboozled. Corporate capitalism is as corrupt as Communism. It’s just the “head-side” of a counterfeit coin. For more see: ; ; Or endure the whole “Economics Label” (37 posts as of this posting date) at
3. Quotes gleaned from minute 10:00 of 2:15:44 of Rob Skiba’s: Questioning Everything Flat Earth Part 3 at (Except attribution of his third quote to Herbert Spencer instead of Wm. Paley(?) is apparently in error. See documented discussion at ~
4. This quote found in Twelve Letters on the Evidences of the Christian Religion by an Enquirer, First printed in the Oriental Star (1802) at