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The Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy and Stanley Milgram Experiment #17

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Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022

Most of us know about the Stanley Milgram Experiment (SME) #5 wherein 65% of subjects were obedient to an authority figure when instructed to administer mortal harm to another person. It was a shocking finding to even the experimenters — that 65% of normal Americans would obey to the maximum level of harm.1 But not as many know of the 18 variations of the SME, and particularly variation #17. In that variation, two confederates of the authority figure staged disobedience in the presence of the test subject at different levels of “shock” administration. The effect? the obedience rate (to the end of the study) of the test subjects dropped to 10%.2

I propose that what we are witnessing with the Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy is the 2022 (transparent) version of SME #17. For two years, peoples of the world have been maneuvered into a state of social and affirmation isolation as complicit media has hourly bombarded us with the SME equivalent of

1. “Please continue.”
2. “The experiment requires that you continue.”
3. “It is absolutely essential that you continue.”
4. “You have no other choice; you must go on.”3

Original art | Herbert Johnson | 1912
Repurposed by SMS | 2022
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The unrelenting propaganda, divisive language, and seeming majority approval of fear-mongering authority have kept people in a state of self- and other-harm until the Canadian convoy organizers stepped forward to denounce that harm “in a dramatic fashion” of massive trucks rolling across the breadth of Canada; and lo and behold, the spell of isolation was broken as millions worldwide joined in a massive unified display of social support for each other, for freedom, and for accountability.

Yes, oppressed peoples of the world — of every nation, kindred, tongue, people, and belief — we are not alone in our love of freedom, of truth, and of our neighbor. We are united in our rejection of tyranny. But just as in SME #17, a “fringe” minority are prepared to endure and inflict self- and other-harm until the end. But the act of even just one, standing up in their courage and integrity, is powerful in inspiring the same in others. And the actions of a unified many can now help defeat the powers of oppression and domination.

Let us TRUCK ON against the tyranny.

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