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The Cult of Ishtar?

Further to the post1 referencing a book titled, The Return of the Gods2 and this subsequent vlog posted by the book’s author:

The Mystery Of The Transformer | Jonathan Cahn Special | The Return of The Gods
(Jonathan Cahn Official | Feb. 16, 2023 | 5:30 min.) at

In light of the above, let us ask: What do these following vlogs (a small sampling) manifest?

Dylan Mulvaney: (biological male, presenting as female): “I look like I could steal a husband … but, I promise you, I would never do that to you!”

Dylan Mulvaney: “I look like I can steal a husband”
(Liz Wheeler Shorts) at

Would Woke Students Date A Trans-Woman?
(Turning Point UK | May 25, 2023 | Time 9:35 min.) at

Can we see where this disordering and cancellation of past culture is headed if we refuse to recognize the inversion of reality and truth via the cult of Ishtar?

2. The Return of the Gods by Jonathan Cahn (Author); audio available on Hoopla