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The Inquiry Begins?

Today, October 13, 2022, the delayed inquiry began in Ottawa, Ontario Canada into the justification for the Public Order Emergency which was declared February 14, 2022 relating to the Canadian Freedom Convoy.1 We do not yet know the “terms of reference”2 that might limit the Commission findings, but we can be almost sure, if we go by the science and history of power and power-abuse, that none of the following points will be considered:

the role of planted provocateurs3 in order to malign protests and protesters with accusations of bullying, intimidation, racism, vandalism, threats of violence, extremism, insurrection, business loss, and on and on;

the role of the MSM in deliberately spreading disinformation, twisting facts, and provoking unjustified fear amongst the residents and business owners of downtown Ottawa;

▪ the voice of pro-freedom residents and business owners of downtown Ottawa who braved: 1) the provocateurs; 2) the orchestrated fear-mongering; and 3) the bitter Canadian cold in order to witness first-hand the real facts, commitments, and camaraderie on the ground;

▪ the futility of seeking truth (even under oath) from people and powers that have no conscience and no commitment to anything but self-justification, self-preservation and self-serving ideology.4 The same applies to their witting and unwitting sycophants;

▪ the number of WEF-trained Young Global Leaders and Shapers in Canada’s WEF-penetrated cabinet5;

▪ anything that might hint at conspiracy or nefarious agenda by government, its agents or employees, or its P-P-Partnerships6 (though P3s often fear conspiracy against themselves).

Will we get some truth out of the findings of this inquiry? Possibly. Hopefully. Will it be enough to prevent a déjà vu in the next power-provoked crisis? (Or will a new “crisis” derail the delayed7 proceedings?) Only time will tell.

As it is, I cannot remain silent. This early AM, I sent another email to the 185 yea-saying Canadian MPs who affirmed the declaration of the Emergencies Act last February 21.

Here is the email titled, POEC-CEDU: We haven’t forgotten

To all 185 Yea-Sayers of February 21, 2022
Vote: No. 32 – Motion for confirmation of the declaration of emergency
Liberal (158), NDP (25), Green (1), and Independent (1) …

As the Public Order Emergency Commission inquiry begins today, I hope every MP who chose to confirm the Emergencies Act declaration (Vote #32 / Feb. 21, 2022*) will reflect on their individual complicity in violating Canadian rights and freedoms because many Canadians have not forgotten and will not forget.**

Many private citizen perspectives have been submitted to the POEC-CEDU. Here is one:

I pray that each of you will learn from this inquiry that your first loyalty / duty is not to your party whip; not to your personal ideologies or fears; not to Utopian notions and agendas; and not to your training by or affiliation with domestic or foreign entities. ;Your first loyalty / duty is to your electors; to Canadian Constitutional law; and to protecting and preserving rights and freedoms in “the true north, strong and free.” We are all to stand on guard for Canada, come what may.

Will you learn from this sad experience as you hear the evidence? Will you finally recognize this historical and poli-sci truth?

“Until we acknowledge that the obsessive pursuit and protection of power, gain, glory, and domination has plagued every age of history, we will never understand or correct the events of our time.”


—————————————–/ [Footnotes to email]

Note: This email is being sent to the 185 yea-saying members of Parliament in 6 provincial batch-groups: 1) British Columbia (29), 2) Alberta (4), Saskatchewan (0), Manitoba (7), 3) Ontario (82), 4) Quebec (36), 5) New Brunswick (6), Nova Scotia (8), Newfoundland and Labrador (6), Prince Edward Island (4), 6) Northwest Territories (1), Yukon (1), and Nunavut (1). This is also copied to other relevant parties.

Footnotes to this Oct. 13 post:
The declaration as rescinded Feb. 23, 2022.
3. a staple feature of nigh every non-approved protest
6. P3 being Public-Private Partnership
7. (Added Oct. 15) Speculation: Was the nigh one-month delay (September 19 to October 13) orchestrated to coincide with a planned end-of-October-early-November, North American surprise? Could a Halloween crisis forestall the testimony of chief actors, PM Trudeau and DPM Freeland, and thus, foreclose the production of inconvenient and inculpatory notes and documentation? Again, time will tell.